8 December 2007


Sadao Watanabe for CBS Sony Japan from 1972.
Sadao Watanabe(as-1, sn-2, fl-3, perc-4)
Hiroshi Fukumura(tb, perc) Masayuki Takayanagi(g)
Fumio Itabashi(p/elp, perc) Mitsuaki Furuno(b) Arihide Kurata(ds)
February 24, 1972 / Iino Hall, Tokyo
Two files- here & here.

Forget all that shite Watanabe recorded from the truly excrable "California Shower" onwards(bought it when it came out and it was crap then and it's even worse now)this is the real deal.During the 60s and 70s Watanabe was one of the spearheads of japanese jazz from bossa to fusion to straight ahead and this wonderful spiritual session is a great example of the fantastic music he produced back then.
All killer - no filler!Highly Recommended.
Just been reissued on cd in Japan only-this is ripped from the original vinyl @320.


Jazz-Nekko said...

my dear furry, bongo-bashing friend,

truer words have never been written about watanabe-san - if only the late period had not overshadowed his true genius. . .

you bring the matches, i have the petrol - we shall have us a toasty bonfire!

awesome, awesome set of music - i own the vinyl and was lucky enough to get it signed some years ago,


Jeffrey said...

Thank you! I've been interested to hear Sadao since I've seen some CDs with Tony Williams on drums. Excellent site!

Mr B said...

from Sadao to Sleepwalker, jap-jazz is just amazing sometimes

thanks for these amazing posts

thebeathunters said...

can you give us the tracklist,as itunes seems at a loss

ross said...

Thanks for the excellent blog. Sadao is superb. Any chance of some straigh t ahead Watanabe? I once owned a great bop album of his...forget the title.Thanks again and have a great Festive Season!

BabyBreeze said...

I guess I'm fortunate to have encountered Watanabe's better playing, being wary of the more recent schlock. Hadn't come across this, though, and I'm loving it. The flute playing is revelatory.

I'm going to have to look for this on CD when I visit Japan in February!

TLT said...

What a great post! I'd heard a few other Watanabe posts around, but this is the most "out" so far - I love the guitar on the second track! Keep up the good work on all the J-Jazz - love that Kikuchi and Hino.

open form said...

favorite :o)


thank you



need to find out his '60

OB said...

Thank you so much for this great LP. I have had the opportunity to digitize We Got a New Bag w/Charlie Mariano. The LP was in decent condition. Mail me if you want it.

Bacoso said...

OB - Thanks for your kind offer I have the Japanese cd We Got a New Bag and will be posting it at some point in the future.Cheers for the thought none the less.

Juby said...

Hi Bacoso - Thanks for this. I am very much looking forward to hearing it. Your recommendation means a lot, as I have heard some of his stuff that was great, and others that were just as you described - "shite."

Thanks again!

James Manion said...
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Monkey Island Blues said...

Bacoso, Could you re-up it please?