10 December 2007


Masaru Imada for Full House from 1980.

Masaru Imada-Piano,Electric Piano;Mitsuaki Furono-Bass;Shinji Mori-Drums;Yuji Imamura-Percussion;Kazumi Watanabe-Guitar.

One that came to my notice around 1982 via another Bangsy tape the beautifully titled "Fuck Face Fusion" to be exact."Nowin" was the tune-a great bass line coupled with a flying electric piano which had the dancers cutting up the floor back in the day.The track finally turned up on Peterson's Shibuya Jazz Classics-Trio compilation a few years ago.As the title reference to Andalusia suggests the whole lp is on a latin tip with "Samba Del Centauro" and "Gulf Stream" both latin flyers and "Touch and Go" a frantic samba with some cranked up guitar by Watanabe.
I loved these japanese lps with their beautifully made sleeves,the great cover art/photography and the icing on the cake-the obi strip!They cost a bomb and often the music was humdrum fusion but the look of 'em had my cash going over the counter.I sold most of the rubbish over time but recently started picking up some of the ones I missed and others I knew little about from japanese ebay sellers.
So watch out for a few more posts in the future plus my old mucker jazz-neko is threatening to get on the case with some of his collection-keep'em peeled !!!
Ripped @320 from the original vinyl-this made a cd issue with different cover art which is now deleted.


deconstructo said...

looking forward to hearing this. j-soul-jazz is a hole in my collection. thanks

JaxR said...

Thank you!

dka said...

Thanks for this.
Been listening to jazz since the 70's but never come across Imada before. After listening to this I picked up a number of his CD's via Amazon.com on Absord Music Japan (AMJ) which date from the late 70's early 80's and seem to have been re-issued last year.

framhisbee said...

Wonderful--Thanks! Been looking for this.

Chistochel said...

Hi Bacoso!
Is it possible to reup this one?
Thank you!