15 December 2007


Masabumi Kikuchi and Sadao Watanabe for Philips Japan from 1970.
Here's another first at Orgy In Rhythm-a contribution from Jazz-neko and it's a killer.The Okinawan jazz devil has dug deep-very,very deep and come up with this fantastic japanese rarity ripped straight from the original master tapes !!!
Two files to grab-here & here .
Now read on to find what he has to say about it.....................

I have been be-deviled by various issues for some time now that precluded my contributions to the jazz blog-o-sphere, but our dear friend, Bacoso, really set a fire under my lazy arse with his recent barrage of Japanese fusion - I hope you all have appreciated it as much as the ol' Okinawan Jazz-Devil. I hope you all will allow me a bit of your time, as I ease back into your lives. . .
Thanks to the influence of my father and mother, I was continually reminded that people are worth far more than just the colour of their skin or the faith by which one measured higher powers; I mean, I still recall people commonly referring to "coloured or negroes", which in turn became "blacks" and now is "African-American". The fact is people are still people. I made the change in my mind that Japan also was still Japan and did not deserve to be "inferior" in my mind because it was simply not fair to a culture.
Whilst growing up with one foot in Japan and another in either the States or Europe, I somehow became biased. Biased against all things jazz when referring to Japan – call it stupidity if you will but I somehow allowed a sense of inferiority to veil my judgment. I have come to realize that it was in part due to the larger-than-life influence of having a relatively successful American swing/bop sax player as a father: I was exposed to the best of the best long before I can remember. Also as I mentioned, throughout the '50s there remained a rather large prejudice against Japan.
Along comes my primate, percussion-loving friend with his J-fusion stream . . .and from the depths of some personal misery, I felt a bolt of pride shoot through me. Yes, we can find many blogs with Japanese prog rock or modern music; however, the manner in which 'Orgy in Rhythm' is raising awareness of current and past trends of Japanese jazz is nothing short of admirable, in my devilish opinion – cheers to Bacoso, my friend!
Today, I will offer you a quite spectacular treat with an extremely rare set by Kikuchi Masabumi and Sadao Watanabe. I saw two weeks ago here in Tokyo that someone had this set on sale for ¥ 1,560,000 (aprox. $13,000)! However, this is not the first time that Bacoso set me a mighty challenge to find one or another Japanese set. To make a long story short – I contacted Kikuchi-san. He warmly responded by telephone and we set a meeting for Tokyo the next time I was to visit from Okinawa. At the meeting, Kikuchi-san, his brother and former band members Suzuki-san and Ikeda-san showed up along with the daughter of Watanabe Sadao. It was really a lovely evening of old-timers catching up, and I was very fortunate to be invited. The following morning before leaving Tokyo, I met Kikuchi-san at his studio where he presented me with a master reel copy of today's offer – so when I say original rip, brother do I mean, o-r-g-i-n-a-l!
Think of '70s jazz fusion. The top of my list would be 'The Circle' (Braxton, Corea, Holland, Altschul) or McLaughlin's work with Miles. Now toss in the genius of Watanabe Sadao's playing in the late-60s or early '70s . Then turn up the heat with some long and hard guitar riffs, bruising percussion and lightning-fast keyboards. This is a recipe for classic Japanese jazz-fusion that I am sure some of you will . . . ~ enjoy!

Masabumi Kikuchi Sextet with Sadao Watanabe Quartet Collaboration Part 1 (1970, Philips/Nippon Phonogram FS-5052) [master reel copy @ 320kbps w/ jacket photos]

Kikuchi Masabumi (eP,harpsicord solo on 'So Por Voci'), Watanabe Sadao (sopranino), Kikuchi Masahiro (eP), Mine Kohsuke (ss), Masuo Yoshiaki (g), Ikeda Yoshio (b, except 'Up Tight'), Suzuki Yoshio (eB,eCel, Murakami Hiroshi, Tsunoda Hiro, Kishida Keiji (d); recorded on 08,13 October & 14 November, 1970 at Nippon Phonogram, Tokyo

Side 1:
01. Illusion (Kikuchi)
02. Thanatos (take 2) (Kikuchi)
Side 2:
03. Uptight (Masuo)
04. So Por Vici (Watanabe)
05. Lunar Eclipse (Kikuchi


alex said...

oh man !
this just gets better !

Nick said...

wow. I have learned a lot from you, bacoso. this looks unbelievable. thank you, and thank you jazz-neko for the work and the story!

Sergio said...

Thanks my friends for another excellent share.

silentsprings said...

Sir, I suggest you use zshare if you don't want all your posts dying, as they are now. Everything I was going to get died.


Lafayette said...


Thanks a million!


Burning Blue Soul said...

This has to be one of the greatest blog posts since there have been blogs. Nekko, I'm sorry it has been such a difficult time for you, thank you for this effort. Bacoso, thanks for being the purveyor of this gift.

bacoso said...

silentsprings-217 posts are still available on this blog and none of them are dying.The only posts that are dead are those that have been deleted by others and those that were posted pre my rapidshare account.Forget z share i'll stick to what i've got thanks.rapidshare aint perfect but i've yet to find anything as good.

Jazz-Nekko said...

burning blue soul,

thanks for the shout!

long time no read. . .yes, life throws us curve-balls. the key is how we react, isn't it? as someone wiser than me often reminds, "we ain't goin' anywhere!"

bacoso helped me to throw my bits in the jazz-blog arena - it is only fair to return the kindness many times over!

oh - i almost forgot (not really, just kidding) that there remains the issue of "Collaboration Part 2". Not one greedy soul so far has noted that this share is "Part 1"; hmmm, new glasses are in order for many people.



aldus said...

I've searched for this album for so many years, I feel in debt with you!

Have you any of these?

Watanabe & M. Kikuchi - Second Combination
Masabumi Kikuchi & Elvin Jones - Hollow Out
Masabumi Kikuchi - End of the Beginning
M. Kikuchi - All About Dancing Mist
Jun Fukamachi - Live Triangle
Sleepy Matsumoto Quartet - Samba De Sun


Vichakani said...

Words fail me. Thank you Jazz-Nekko for your magnificent generosity.

Smooth said...

It's getting better and better! Awesome!

JS said...

brilliant, never heard of this lp before, but playing today, and loving it. thanks so much, and thanks too for your honesty.. stay shiny

Rob said...

thanks to jazz-neko and bacoso for this gem.

katonah said...

yeah ... this is coming with me on a long drive tomorrow. just knew it would be a stormer. many many thanks.

AvantGrape said...

Nekko, this is SICK (as in outstanding). Good lord! Thank you for this one. I'm going to try to catch Nels Cline at the end of the month. I think he'll get a kick out of Masuo's fret work.

AvantGrape said...

I noticed only a Part 1, but I thought both parts were just combined into one via .RAR. If there's more, well...in due time. I'm diggin' what I have.

Thanks again.

Jazz-Nekko said...
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bobhowe said...

This is a great site. Doesn't matter how much you know it's still less than nothing. Thanks for the great posts and the insightful knowledge of difficult to find jazz.

douglass said...

many thanks for this.

look for this one: http://blog-o-blog-douglass.blogspot.com/2007/12/sadao-watanabe-1969-pastoral.html


BabyBreeze said...

Wanted to wait until I listened to comment. Even if this weren't so rare it would be a special post. Regardless of origin, this is top notch playing with verve and grit, and a 70s groove without the sugar substitutes. Time to hit the "play" button and enjoy it again.

silentsprings said...

Thanks for all the great music. I was wondering if you could link my blog, I have many great Jazz/other discographies available:



James said...

HUGE thanks for this, guys. Don't need any Xmas presents since finding this site. (And yours too, Neko-san).

Please check out my meager blog at www.tokyojazzsite.com. It's still in early stages so forgive the lame design. Lots of Tokyo bar and club information that I hope to expand on in the new year. Arigatou!

Mr. OK Jazz

Payola said...

amazing... thanks!

Cadet: eon_sab said...

Great blog, I just kept clicking from other (music) blogs and found yours.
about this post, I downloaded the pairs but it is not unzipping the files.

You're coolness.

Jazz-Nekko said...

Cadet: eon_sab:

". . .downloaded the pairs but it is not unzipping the files."

Do you have WinRar installed on your pc? That is the software in which the files are compressed. Currently there were 976 downloaders and not a single problem.

I would venture to say that probability is on my side; check out your pc. . .



You're coolness.

anemes said...

I feel ashamed. I have been sleeping on this blog for a few months, and i rediscovered this, and it floors me everytime.

The amazing stuff delivered here is... priceless. Much respect for the effort and generosity put in. I will venture to drop in more and give my thanks and thoughts.

thanks again.

a mind with no ceiling said...

Boy do I love this blog! Incredibly deep sounds, you know we all are really really grateful for that!
But unfortunately I only stumbled upon this blog recently. Why "unfortunately"? Because of all those fabulous LPs that were posted once but whose link is dead...
So, I have no idea how much of a pain this would be, but just in case you have time for this, I would like to post a few requests(just a few, I had a hard time picking). I'm sure those would be gladly welcomed again:
-the classic Blacks and Blues by Bobbi Humphrey
-OPA: Goldenwings
-Azar Lawrence: Bridge Into The New Age
-That Wahoo! finnish LP (not gonna go into the name of the guy...)

Anyway I'm hooked on your blog like so many other groovediggers, so keep up the jazzy vibe! It is such a treat,
From Paris,

alex said...


dubmusic said...

Tons of thanks for sharing this gem!

soup said...

new year blessings.

paolo said...

Thank you so much for this wonderful and generous post. A great story of how you received such a treasure, too. Have a better 2008 than 2007, Devil.


PS I appreciate your words about the patronizing attitude people have re: Japanese jazz - I say this as a former patronizer. Nothing like really hearing music before we critique it :-)! This is great stuff!

klakadak said...

I am to late for this - files have been deleted by uploader.

Anybody willing to re-post?

jpo said...

indeed--killer posts! but repost this if possible! im begging

licorne said...

Fantastic album and part 2 is as good as this one. I sold my whole vinyle collection a little while ago without recording these gems.

Could you please publish the link again, I can't find it.

Great Blog !!

thanks a lot to share


slunce said...

Hi, this is just amazing blog! And this must be absolutely amazing record! Is it possible to re-post as the links do not work anymore !!!! :(((((

Cihan said...

Yeah, links are long dead it seems. Such a shame, would love to hear this rarity. Keep up the good work with this blog. :)

slunce said...

oh yes,...if I was about to pick only one I would pick this one. Orgy in Rhythm - we, listeners are begging you :) I guess it's difficult to maintain all these links and true is I can't imagine doing this myself but .. the presence of the page and unavailability of the files is ... a TORTURE!

Subarashi Hinode said...

I would love to hear it, but it's gone. I just discovered this site today...If the universe allows it, could some one please repost!
Many thanks.

Hoochie Coochie man said...

I tried to Buy this and the pt.2 album couple of months ago but missed the deal. I really would like to hear them if in anyways possible to re-up them?? Im a huge fan of j-jazz... peace

hooks said...

mate, the mention of aggressive guitar riffs in conjunction with jazz really gets me salivating!! that hiroshi suzuki album that you posted has also turned me on to japanese jazz, wow what a great record, i felt mildly gutted after, admittedly only a cursory internet search, revealed very little evidence of it's existence, one that's going to haunt the list until i die along with the second osanna lp damn!! anyway, i find myself compelled to join the ever growing raft of scrounging shit legs on this post, i know how much you hate it geez so i'm not even going to bother with the question just sit here in hope.......

be good, in a bit

Moes Lake said...

If you are still interested I can upload it somewhere.

slunce said...

oh yes, still here and definitely interested 8-)

Moes Lake said...


Here it is. Enjoy :)

James Manion said...

Would it be possible to repost the following - Masabumi Kikuchi Sextet, Sadao Watanabe Quartet "Collabortion". I know its a little late but I have just recently discovered these wonderful blogs and would truly appreciate your help. I have been supporting music and arts all my life. Thank you so much. Jim

Bacoso said...

Both the original rips in one file:

James Manion said...

I am new to this,when file is exhausted am I out of luck or just need to wait, and how long? Jim

James Manion said...

Would it be possible to repost this
album? File says public traffic exhausted. I would hate to miss out
on hearihg this album. Can you help please? Thanks Jim 1/03/13

Bacoso said...

Jim and anyone else who wants both the original rips (in one file)


James Manion said...

Wow, can't thank you enough, I am
a big fan of Masabumi and all things Japanese. Not to look a gift horse in the mouth, cause I know shit is one of your weapons. You have two other Masabumi Posts I was hopping if & when you have time- EAST WIND & BUT NOT FOR ME. I'm ducking. THANKS YOUR THE GREATEST! Jim

dubmusic said...

Thanks for the re-up!
Jazz-Neko has not been around in a long time so its good to see this again.

Juby said...
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Juby said...

Wow! I've been looking for this recording for some time. Thank you for this and all of your hard work on this awesome site! It's the only place to find these killer Japanese jazz sides.

boogieman said...

Thanks for the re-post. I've lost a great deal of files due to a crash of my external drive. Most J-Jazz files gone with the wind. I had not backed up everything (I pay the price of my lazyness), luckily many links are still alive. Just a matter of patience now (connection here in Morocco is Ok but no very fast).