15 December 2007


Masabumi Kikuchi for CBS Sony from 1982.
Reposted from november last year.
Masabumi Kikuchi recorded this in 1982 with James Mason as producer and a line up of US fusion session players(listed below) for Columbia Japan. The Miles Davis electric period influences are obvious -long ,sprawling .slowly buiilding tracks often underpinned with heavy bass ostinatos,polyrhythmic patterns,chattering percussion and plenty of room for solo improvisation.Fusion is the word here - just too heavy to be jazz funk although it moves close to it at times.
This is ripped from the Sony Mastersound cd @320 which was re-issued in 1998 and is now long gone to the great deletions bin in the sky.I've looked for the original vinyl for years and have yet to find one.
Alacalder (20:35) Masabumi Kikuchi, keyboards, synthesizer solo; Terumasa Hino, cornet solo; Steve Grossman, soprano saxophone solo; Richie Morales, drums; Victor "Yahya" Jones, drums; Hassan Jenkins, bass; James Mason, guitar; Butch Campbell, guitar; Billy Patterson, guitar; Ronald Drayton, guitar; Airto Moreira, percussion; Aiyb Dieng, percussion, congas; Sam Morrison, wind driver
Sum Dum Fun (5:58) Masabumi Kikuchi, keyboards, synthesizer solo; Steve Grossman, tenor saxophone solo; Richie Morales, drums; Hassan Jenkins, bass; James Mason, guitar; Billy Patterson, guitar; Marlon Graves, guitar; Butch Campbell, guitar; Aiyb Dieng, percussion
Madjap Express (11:20) Masabumi Kikuchi, keyboards, clavinet solo; Terumasa Hino, cornet; Steve Grossman, soprano saxophone solo; Richie Morales, drums; Victor "Yahya" Jones, drums; Hassan Jenkins, bass; James Mason, guitar; Marlon Graves, guitar; Gass Farkon, guitar; Alyrio Lima, percussion; Aiyb Dieng, congas; Sam Morrison, wind driver
Sky Talk (2:50) Masabumi Kikuchi, keyboards; Sam Morrison, wind driver


steve.d said...

unfortunatley track 1 will not open
'file is corrupt' hope this can be resolved,thanks.

bacoso said...

try dloading again or use the repair facility built into the rar file.The file's been d/loaded 700
+ times and this is the first time anyones had a problem with it.Let me know if it cant be resolved.

steve.d said...

followed your advice and repaired the file,thank you.

sulingman said...

Hi, thanks for this one... just what I like to hear. I am having a little trouble figuring out how to repair the file... I am on a Mac... any advice on how to do this? It is indeed the first track, perhaps a lot of people didn't notice the error message, but I got it both downloads.

klakadak said...

Thanks a lot for this post. FYI, I had to use repair feature in WinRAR for ALACALDER.mp3 as well.

Gareth said...

Hey I just picked up a mint copy (without obi) quite cheap. some of these japanese jazz records turn up quite easily in Tokyo where I live. If anyone is interested in trades then
let me know

bacoso said...

GARETH-can you leave me your email address in the comments please?I am always interested in trades especially from Japan.

Gareth said...

Hi is it possible for you to delete my email if I post it on the blog?

bacoso said...

yea post it now i'll delete immediatly

Gareth said...
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jimwms said...

I'm trying to find some information on James Mason, the guitarist on this project. Does anyone know where he ended up?

Gareth said...


Maybe this guy?

bacoso said...

gareth-correct,that's him

Gareth said...


He also with Tarika Blue (assuming its the right guy)

kono said...

Still File is damaged

Stuff It say

"An error occurred attempting to expand

The structure of the archive is damaged (Error #17540)"

Remake please Mr.bacoso