4 November 2007


Cesar Mariano Octet for RGE from 1966.

Dusty Groove:
Excellent early bossa work from pianist Cesar Camargo Mariano! Cesar's probably best known for his funky fusion work of the late 70s, and for his accompaniment of Elis Regina on some of her classic Philips sides in the same decade -- but back at the time of this recording, he was leading a tight little jazz combo filled with fire and life. Cesar's in the lead on piano, and the record's got some wailing solos on sax, guitar, and trombone -- grooving hard in a crack bossa jazz mode, and standing out as one of the best examples of the style from the time!

Straightforward hard-bop jazz, with some Brazilian asides... Most of the tunes are original compositions, with additional songs from the likes of Luiz Bonfa, Antonio Carlos Jobim and Marcos Valle, along with an oldie by Ary Barroso and a kitschy Henry Mancini tune, "Champagne And Quail." The octet -- which included pianist Cesar Camargo Mariano, along with drummer Airto Moreira and bassist Humberto Clayber (of the Sambalanco Trio) -- plays with the most force and conviction on Camargo Mariano's original songs; the other performances sound like a rehash of cabaret shows. However, it should be said that these recordings are miles beyond many of the contemporary Brazilian jazz recordings, in terms of the music's texture and coloration... Breaking away from the standard trio size that defined the bossa-jazz scene, Camargo Mariano prized out much more harmonic depth and subtlety. Worth checking out, if you're delving into the Brazilian jazz scene.

Ripped @320 from the Prestigio cd reissue from 2005.


rafael said...

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Thanks for the great grooves!! Peace!

bacoso said...

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Petter said...

This is fantastic. Thank you so much.

les said...

I really like this one a lot. It's like Sergio Mendes, only less poppy sounding. Real cool. I've been using your recomendations to find lps in my local shop and I've been quite successful. Thanks for introducing me to so much good music. You can't get this kind of stuff on the radio anymore. It's a damn shame. Peace.