25 November 2007


Herbie Mann for Columbia from 1970.
Keeping it latin but big band afro cuban stylee.
Arranged by Oliver Nelson and featuring such luminaries as Monguito,Potato Valdez,Chick Corea,Dave Pike,Jimmy Heath and Carmell Jones this is a stonking lp.
Slamming versions of "Jungle Fantasy","Manteca"and "Ave Maria Morena" make it another album that easily hits the "All Killer No Filler" category.
Highly Recommended.
Ripped @320 from the original vinyl-No reissues in any format


archer said...

been a very long time since i last saw this one....

excelente, bacoso, excelente!

M said...


Just discovered your blog.

Congratulations. Will be coming bag often.

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avocado kid said...

Right on!!!

Anyone got Herbie Mann "Today"?

Gabu said...

Hey, great blog!
Can you post the Bobby Hutcherson's album "Now!" again?
I really need it.

ubu said...

nice blog you have!
check out my own blog here:

just posting to let you know that this was indeed on CD, under the original title "Latin Mann".
Here's the complete info:

Herbie Mann - Latin Mann [also released as Big Boss Man]
Columbia Col CL 2388

Arranged by Oliver Nelson

Herbie Mann, flute
Carmell Jones, Jerry Kail, Joe Newman, Ernie Royal, trumpet
Quentin Jackson, John Hitchcock, Mark Weinstein, trombone
Tony Studd, bass trombone
Jimmy Heath, tenor sax
Danny Bank, bass clarinet
Dave Pike, vibes
Chick Corea, piano
Earl May, bass
Bruno Carr, drums
Carlos "Patato" Valdes, conga
Jose Mangual, bongo
Willie Bobo, Tommy Lopez, Willie Rodriguez, percussion
unknown, guitar (#1,2)
Oliver Nelson (arr,cond)

New York, June 1 (#2,4,7,10) and June 2 (#1,3,6,8), 1965

personnel on #5 & #9:
Herbie Mann, flute
Charlie Palmieri, piano
Bobby Rodriguez, bass
Rafael de Vila, Carlos Diaz, Ramos Sardinas, percussion & vocals

New York, June 24, 1965

1Surfrider said...

This here's a good'un, thankee kindlee.

archer said...

ubu, big thanks for the info. if i could have only one extra beyond the music files it would be personnel info, and it is so often missing and hard, if not impossible, to find.

...now, off to check your site...

AlanaG said...

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ramson said...

Great fun music...I needed it some like this!!

By the way, track 9 have very different sound (and low sound level signal) and musical interpretation (less jazz, more latin) compared with other tracks....it is extracted from same album ??

Thanks a lot , man!!!!

hevisto said...

Have you any good Rufus Harley?

Thanks for all your fine work.

Negu said...

Thanks Bacoso!!

Vichakani said...

Killer versions of Jungle Fantasy and Manteca on this album. Great post Bacoso, thanks for sharing.

king said...

Thank you very much for this one. Really great sruff. You are doing terrific job here.
Could you maybe repost George Braith album Musart? Now that I've red what you had written about it, I am dying to hear it!

Jazzsoulman said...

Thanks for posting this. Herbie Mann is always welcome and a worth listening.

mythic said...

A long time ago, this was part of my vinyl collection. Then I had to sell all those records to pay the rent. Didn't get anywhere near enough, but I've spent the last 12 years trying to rebuild. This'll help. Thank you.


Tomaso Alba said...

Great recommendation Bacoso!!!! And the Watermelon version is superb.

Thanks a lot,


apf said...

Thank you!