15 November 2007


Heads up y'all - Reza's back with a Greek Fusion bomb from Gus Vali.So get over there learn to Belly Dance and much,much more.
It's all good - check it out here.
And shut that bloody Bouzouki up!


jonah said...

thanks for the excellent posts.
any chance of a repost of some sabu? i only have palo congo and i am desperate with desire to hear jazz espagnole and afro temple.

Reza said...

bacoso ...thanks for the heads up mate :)

jonah ...you can find sabu's afro temple @ mine

katonah said...

many many thanks to both you guys.
just the best stuff out there everytime.


xmnr0x23 said...

Thanks for the tip, downloading it now. Didn't know El Reza was ill. All the best to the both of yous!

Lafayette said...

Wonderful album...thanks a lot!