19 November 2007


Eddie Palmieri
for Alegre from 1962.
Palmieri's first album produced by the mighty Al Santiago in which,although much in the style of the day-pachangas,danzons,guajiraa-you can hear the roots of the modal experimentalism that was to come in the future with almost half of the opening "Conmigo" turned over to a Palmieri piano solo.

John Bush for AMG:
One of the best albums released by one of Palmieri's best bands, La Perfecta features 12 crisp, uptempo songs ranging from guajiras to pachangas to sones montuno — with a cha-cha-cha thrown in for good measure. Palmieri sounds inspired on piano, vocalist Ismael Quintana leads the group well, and the stinging brass section includes major players like Joao Donato on trombone and Willie Matos on trumpet. La Perfecta is an excellent example of early Latin dance before Western fusion became the name of the game.
George Castro Flute Mike Collazo Percussion Chivirico Davila Choir, Chorus
Al Dirisi Trumpet João Donato Trombone Louise Hilton Graphic Design George Maysonet Percussion Manny Oquendo Percussion Charlie Palmieri Percussion Eddie Palmieri Piano, Leader Chickie Perez Percussion Ismael Quintana Vocals Joe Rivera Bass Barry Rogers Trombone Al Santiago Producer Willie Torres Choir, Chorus Dave Tucker Trumpet Victor Velazquez Choir, Chorus Harold Wegbreit Trumpet

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