7 November 2007


Charles Earland for Muse from 1978.
Houston Person Producer, Sax Grady Tate Drums Ralph Dorsey Congas Percussion Charles Earland Vocals, Organ Melvin Sparks Guitar Bill Hardman Trumpet
Engineer Rudy Van Gelder
Yes this is the one with the monster jazz dance banger "Murilley" on it-enough said!!!
Ripped @320 from the original vinyl-no reissues.

Thanks to all of you who provided the cover image- and biggest thanks to Rich for the image used !!!
Thanks as well for the jap nu jazz links but had 'em already thanks to my old mate jazz-neko who has been hanging with the manager of Jabberloop-what a guy !


Payola said...

Thanks for this!
Killer Groove posted the cover

the jazzman said...

Another picture of cover.


Big Papi said...

1 Murilley
2 Prayer
3 Organic Blues
4 Pleasant Afternoon
5 Three Blind Mice
pleasant afternoon - album credits
Michael Rozek Liner Notes
Melvin Sparks Guitar
Ralph Dorsey Percussion, Conga
Rudy Van Gelder Engineer
Charles Earland Organ, Organ (Hammond), Main Performer, Vocals
Bill Hardman Trumpet
Houston Person Sax (Tenor), Producer
Grady Tate Drums

Big Papi said...

I'm back, so stop by and check me out @ RockCityGentlemen.blogspot.com

The Anonymous said...

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pretoria said...

thank you for the earland vocals NICE
Molto Bello

Holden Caulfield said...


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Wes said...

Thanks, man!

makuma said...

Hi Bacoso.. I was just reading the comments of Devil's Jazz Pit and noticed your curiosity about Jabberloop. Arnaud just posted the link under International Jazz on call it anything.

Just thought you would like to know :)

I'm also keeping an eye for http://www.myspace.com/jazpresso

and the last album of quasimode

Thanks for the education


Sergio said...

Thanks for another Mighty Burner album, his Muse sessions was a kind of "back to the roots" after all those Mercury disco/fusion oriented LPs.

Pekis said...

Hello Bacoso,

Thanks for this one !

His sound & groove is so POWERFUL ...

Vichakani said...
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Vichakani said...

Thanks for the great Charles Earland post Bacoso, much appreciated.

I am assuming from comments here that you are looking for Jabberloop and Quasimode (latest) LPs. Here are a couple of links for you to download them, both mp3 @ 192 kbps, but ripped from CD so quality should be good enough. As the titles are still in print, I will leave the links for a short time for download and remove after a few days.

Quasimode - The Land Of Freedom


Jabberloop - And Infinite Jazz




ramson said...

Yeah!!...I cannot stop to dance!!!

Thanks a lot!!!

thebeathunters said...

you're a baaaaaad pussycat!

makuma said...
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makuma said...

Oh, what a pitty.. Quasimode's link isn't working anymore..Any chance for a re-up?



makuma said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Vichakani said...

Makuma...just checked the Quasimode link and I can access it, it is still OK as far as I can see.

Bacoso - are you OK for the Jaz'presso too ? If you need it then let me know and I'l upload for you.


bacoso said...

vichakani-yes yes yes please I would LOVE a rip of the Jaz'presso !!!!Thanks-had never heard of them before you mentioned it.

Vichakani said...

No problem Bacoso, the least I can do in return for all the wonderful gifts that you have offered us.

Here is the link for Jaz'presso http://rapidshare.com/files/68714281/J_P_DOTJP.rar

Enjoy :-)

bacoso said...

vichakani-much appreciated & thanks a lot just downloading now.BTW Anyone out there got the new Gerardo Frisina-Notebook on Schema?

makuma said...

Sorry Vichakani, link is working good! Thanks so much for these two!

Really apreciate


instagib said...

Late to the party (again), but thanks a lot for another wonderful post! "Murilley" is great and fun, but I like the other tracks even more, especially "Organic Blues". The playing throughout this album is so raw and direct, not perfect, but soulful.

One has to ask why this has not been reissued (as many other perls you have posted), but hey, with a quality rip like yours who needs a CD! :-)

"Murilley" BTW appears on Vol.5 of Irma's (excellent IMO) "Groovy" compilation series. So the master tapes are out there. With unreleased, groovy tracks...

MissT said...

Thankyou so much for posting this up! I loved 'Murilley', but by damn I love the LP now!
Great, no, amazing blog!
I'll add you to my links!
MissT xx

karnevil said...

Thanks for this one! Earland was the Greatest Burner!

asdasd said...

Hey does anyone have any records by GrooveLine? The albums are titled "The Missing Key," "One Minute," and "Street Vibes."

bluenote124 said...

Yeah Yeah,remembered the track Murriley but never checked out who it was by back in the day. Thanks for this.You da man!!

ish said...

thanks for reminding me of this, Bacoso

Bill said...

THANK you for this one!

nichrus said...

Link is dead -:((

j_shot said...

Link is no good. Any chance of a re-up?

music said...


Think this one is still live

music said...


this one should still be live. enjoy!