17 October 2007


Paul Horn for RCA from 1965.
Marvellous modal moods from Paul Horn.

One can hear hints of Paul Horn's future directions on this obscure LP. Horn (doubling on alto and flute) shows his interest in Indian music on "Shadows #1" and "Shadows #2" (which are dedicated to Ravi Shankar) and in the drone feeling that he gives "Chim Chim Cheree." "In the Bag" and "Greensleeves" add a pair of Scottish bagpipers (!) to the quintet (which also includes vibraphonist Lynn Blessing, pianist Mike Lang, bassist Bill Plummer, and drummer Bill Goodwin), so this is not an album for everyone. Within three years, Horn would abandon jazz altogether to work on atmospheric mood music. ~ Scott Yanow, All Music Guide

No Reissues on any format-ripped from the original vinyl @320.


Mr. Lucky said...

i don't know much about this guy, but i think i remember he's the cat playing in the taj mahal, or was it in a pyramid? anyway, a commenter dropped the link to an old chico hamilton quintet score, featuring horn - and what do i find right after? your fine post and well appreciated vinyl-rip. good music deserves the hard work, i guess.

somogyvari said...

Thanks once again...


tlsb said...

here is a gift for you, i did not
find it at your blog
its gary mcfarlands today,my own vinyl rip
please feel free to re share
i aso have a lot of cal tjader, if you mail me at the blog,i can send you the list i have
all the best and thanx for all you share

Cubano said...

The year after recording this, Paul Horn headed to India to record two albums for World Pacific. Nice to hear what he sounded like before the trip.

Lucky said...

Bacoso - no problem if you link my site. I do the same!

We've been around together already for some time, ain't we? I've been doing Mr. Lucky's World of M, Orang Aural, Squeezo, Border Music, Cut*Out, and now back at Mr. Lucky's first place.

Cheers, Lucky

xmnr0x23 said...

Interesting (I've only just started listening to the 1st track), as this recored is the closest to Something Blue I have right now.

xmnr0x23 said...

Ugh, that last sentence got f#cked up. I mean, I have Somethin Blue and I've read he switched style later on, so it's interesting to hear what he did inbetween. I don't know if Axe had a hand in any of those apart from SB. Do you?

goldfinger said...

haaaa... essential record - personally :-)

i'm in love with bagpipes since i was listening to my parents records when i was a child.

thx a bunch!

wonderfulsound said...

thank you sir bacoso, beautiful LP!! Mine seems to have interference on some tracks though?

start compiling your visit to the cinema show yet?


AmBrOsE said...

this is a great album i have all the paul horn early vinyl's nice to have this on my pc!!!!!

billmcb said...

Paul Horn's, Cycle is a classic!

This album and Jeremy Steig's first album, Flute Fever, are absolutely the best jazz flute albums ever!


Bill McBirnie