28 October 2007


Harris Simon Group for Eastwind Records Japsn from 1987.
Two Files-here and here.
Super heavy weight latin fusion and one of the great unsung albums of the mid 80s.Harris Simon on keyboards with Michael Brecker ,Joe Farrell ,Portinho , Rubens Bassini, Claudio Roditi,Brian Brake and Mike Richmond.
Check out the monstrous versions of Hugo Fatturoso's "Romance Of Death" ,Cesar Mariano's "North Station",Danny Zeitlin's "Stonehenge"and Jeffrey Kaufman's "All points South".Jawdropping 500 mile an hour wipe out !
Ripped from the long deleted cd issue @320-I posted a vinyl rip of this last time at a lower bit rate so this should be a sonically improved listen.Highly Recommended.


fpoh said...

thank you so much, bacoso...

i read about the jazz dance scene back in the 80s (i bought the face from issue one til it went crap)... i think the nearest to that scene in brighton was russ dewbury's jazz rooms. it was (and probably still is) small, hot n sweaty. he played a lot of latin jazz - the tunes i remember were bacalao con pan by irakere and a brazilian track called favela which he put on an early compilation cd. but he also played nigga 4 hire by hard knocks! you could tell he was passionate about music...he also put on annual live shows (the brighton jazz bop) with big name soul-jazz artists including the wonderful terry callier whose career was resurrected by russ...as i'm sure you know. i'm not sure if he played harris simon...anyway, i'm lovin' it! thank you again,

Jazz-Nekko said...


i am looking at my lp (New York Connection, Bay Bridge ULS-6089-B) and it is written that this set was recorded in may and june of 1978 (not 1987). Simon is listed as playing piano, elec. piano and harmonica.

do i have a different set? the album jacket is more or less the same (tonal differences from the picture).

i remember digging the hell out of this one - thanks for the over-due reminder.



Burning Blue Soul said...

Bacoso, I do thank you for this post. I do. THANK YOU!!!