5 October 2007


Reposted from the very early days of this blog.
Beautiful music from Gary McFarland for Verve from 1966.
A lovely breezy piece of jazz pop bossa and an excellent showcase for Gary McFarland's melodic gifts. The In Sound improves upon the Soft Samba concept with exceptional covers ("The Moment of Truth," "The Sting of the Bee"), some of McFarland's most distinctive originals ("The Hills of Verdugo," "Over Easy," "Fried Bananas"), an increased jazz quotient and tremendous playing. McFarland is spot on throughout, playing with a vigor seldom heard elsewhere. Perhaps he drew inspiration from the superb and simpatico guitar work of fellow Berklee alum, Gabor Szabo. McFarland and Szabo never sounded better together, despite a number of later albums together (Gypsy 66, Profiles, Simpatico, Dreams). Recent Berklee grad, Sadao Watanabe, is a nice but rather mixed-down addition on flute. This may be the best music McFarland ever made.

About the cover- Songwriter Margo Guryan had purchased the painting "Fried Egg On A Polka Dot Tablecloth" (1965) by her cousin, pop artist Peter Shulman. Guryan thought it might make a good album cover and interested Creed Taylor in the painting (who wanted to whiten the background). Taylor had chosen the painting for Gary McFarland's record. However, the album's title dismayed Guryan, a former writing partner of McFarland's, since song titles like "Wine And Bread," "Fried Bananas" and especially "Over Easy" seemed to suit the image better.
Reissued in Japan on cd but long ago deleted-no further reissues.
Ripped @320 from the Jap cd


strangefruit said...

Thanks for reposting some of your early shares! Those of us who found you well into the game found a lot of your early choices gone, and it is really nice to second chance. It's especially nice when the share is as interesting as this one.

ghostrancedance said...

many thanks for this one and point of departure...

you don't by any chance have october suite?

mcfarland was a master - very underrated

Geordie said...

This is a great album, thanks a lot, I'm having a lot of fun listening...........BUT, I think some of the names of the songs have been switched? Bread and Wine is actually Satisfaction, at least n my download and iPod.....could you look into this?

This isn't a complaint at all, just though you would want to know..

Geordie said...

and Sting of the Bee is Bread and Wine, seems like the titles are really messed up..

...the music is great though!

bacoso said...

geordie-its the japanese 24 bit remaster cd and the track listing on the original lp cover doesn't match up with the cd.I had the same comments when i uploaded it the first time round as i remember.

Geordie said...

well I guess I can sort it out, it is a really fun record, thanks for the response and sorry to bring it up again!

bacoso said...

geordie-just checked the rar file and its a right fucking mess- its metaservices tagging incorrectly again nothing to do with the sequencing on the jap cd.I cant be arsed to sort it tonight so will give you a correctly sequenced dload over the weekend-ok?

bacoso said...

ghostrancedance-i upped october suite a long time ago.May get it done again soon.

J Thyme...kind said...

Great LP/CD. I have the Japanese Issue in CD gatefold on paper. Too cool.

brian said...

Does anyone have that track from doug payne:
e. (65VK437) Anna (Vatro - Giordano)
Verve (Ger) 533 912-2 [CD] titled LATIN LOUNGE

bacoso said...


brian said...

Well, that's fast!

Thanks a lot!

brian said...
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bacoso said...

brian-here it is

bacoso said...
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brian said...

thanks! if you need something just ask!

Stevey said...

1000 Thanx for "The in Sound".
Help Please!!!
Gary McFarland & Gabor Szabo - Simpatico LP (Vinyl rip).
Is this Disk for You?

Thank You

George said...

A list of the tracks in correct order on the Japanese cd can be found here


nichrus said...

WARNING!!! All names of files-tracks and Titles in tags are stupidly confused! What only remains correct is Track## in tags and track length of course:

1 - The Moment Of Truth (4:10)
2 - Bloop Bleep (2:26)
3 - The Hills Of Verdugo (3:55)
4 - Over Easy (3:01)
5 - Here I Am (2:13)
6 - Fried Bananas (4:33)
7 - The Sting Of The Bee (3:52)
8 - Wine And Bread (3:09)
9 - I Concentrate On You (2:53)
10 - (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction 2:01)