18 October 2007


Eddie Palmieri for Tico from 1967.
Hard core-you know the score!!!
Bass - David Perez Bongos - Manny Oquendo Congas - Tommy Lopez Flute - George CastroPiano - Eddie Palmieri Timbales - Manny Oquendo Trombone - Barry Rogers , Jose Rodrigues Vocals - Ismael Quintana Producer - Pancho Cristal
Descarga.com made this an Editor's pick:
Many great musicians refer to this as one of their 'bible' albums. They learned to play listening to this album. I've never heard a rhythm section so rock-solid in my life. You want to keep up with Manny Oquendo on timbales? Well...good luck. Eddie Palmieri, while listening to this on a recent visit to my radio show, mentioned that, 'It was solid because it was between us and those dancers. The dancers took us to that level.' Those must have been some great dancers. Pianist Eddie Palmieri is spectacular as is trombonist Barry Rogers (Jose Rizo, 2007-04-22)
And here's Dusty Groove on the case:
Nothing slow and sticky here -- because Eddie Palmieri is really hitting his groove by this point in his career -- soaring along in a dark blend of jazz and Latin elements, with a fair bit more complicated modes than most of his contemporaries! There's a sophistication here that's really wonderful -- and light years ahead of Eddie's albums of a few years before. Yet the album's never too bogged down in its own importance that it fails to groove -- as most of the numbers here are killer groovers that burst out with raw energy that's perfect for a Latin dancefloor! Barry Rogers and Jose Rodrigues play twin trombones, Manny Oquendo is on timbales, and George Castro plays flute -- but Eddie's really the star of the set with his incredibly bold lines on piano!

Highly recommended.Ripped @320 from the recent remastered Fania cd.


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