5 October 2007


Heavy duty business for Eddie & Cal for Tico from 1967.
An incredible collaboration between pianist Eddie Palmieri and vibist Cal Tajder -- a record done for Tico in answer to their previous session for Verve -- and a set that's even harder-jamming overall! Cal and Eddie really find something special together on the record -- and both players groove into a descarga mode that burns even more strongly than their own other work of the decade -- a masterful jam that's a really true collaboration, and which brings out the best that both musicians had to offer. Cal's moving way beyond his familiar modes here -- with a fluid, freely colorful sound -- and Eddie himself is beginning to hit some of the darker, harder notes that would show up even more strongly on his records of the 70s. There's a much more strongly jazz-based sound here than most of Palmieri's previous records -- a really bold focus on the instrumentation as it rolls out over some great modally-informed grooves -- and titles include "Bamboleate", "Resemblance", "Guajira Candela", "Mi Montuno", and "Come An Get It". Props as usual to Dusty Groove.
Ripped@320 from the original vinyl-reissued as part of the recent CD Fania Series.


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