20 October 2007


Cannonball Adderley for Capitol from 1971 - Recorded Live at The Troubadour
Cannonball Adderley (Alto & Soprano saxophone)Nat Adderley (Cornet)Roy Mac Curdy (Drums)Walter Booker (bass)George Duke (Piano) Airto Moreira (percussion) David Axelrod (Production)
I guess this must be the post I have had the most requests to re-up since I first posted it in May 2006. I finally got it together to rip it again this time @320 from my original vinyl.
Two files : LP 1 and LP 2.

Still immersed in the burgeoning electronic jazz-rock explosion of the times, Cannonball Adderley goes further toward a rapprochement with the rock and soul audiences than ever before on this fascinating, overlooked double album. For starters, he recorded it live at West Hollywood's Troubadour club, then known as a showcase for folk and rock acts. He also imported additional players into his quintet, expanding into exotic percussion effects with Airto Moreira (whom Miles Davis had previously featured), hard rock guitar with sessionman Mike Deasy, fiery tenor sax from the young Ernie Watts, and occasional seasoning from conguero Buck Clarke and clarinetist Alvin Batiste. "Now I don't give a damn whether you can count or not, we still are the Cannonball Adderley Quintet!," quoth the leader, who is in loose, loquacious form throughout the set (the jazz world badly misses his witty verbal intros). With Joe Zawinul now flying off to Weather Report, his replacement is an even more electronically minded pianist, George Duke, who levitates into the outer limits with his Echoplex and ring modulator and proves to be a solid comper. But Zawinul is not forgotten, for the band pursues a long, probing, atmospheric excursion on his tune, "Dr. Honouris Causa." Adderley generously gives Deasy two contrasting feature numbers -- "Little Benny Hen," a raucous, amateurishly sung blues/rock piece, and "Zanek," a great countrified tune with an avant-garde freakout at the climax -- and all of the other guests save Clarke get single solo features. Brother Nat Adderley gamely visits the outside on cornet while Cannonball doubles with increasing adventurousness on soprano and alto and bassist Walter Booker and drummer Roy McCurdy deftly handle all of the changes of style. Cannonball adeptly keeps pace with Miles Davis, his former boss - the driving "The Chocolate Nuisance" could easily be a first cousin of "Pharoah's Dance" on Bitches Brew - while not abandoning his funky soul-jazz base nor the special audience-friendly ambience of his concerts. Unlike Adderley's other two-for-one-priced double albums of the '70s, this one was inexplicably sold at full price, which probably limited its sales and might partly explain why it remains surprisingly hard to find in used LP bins.
Surprisingly enough this has never made a cd issue. No reissues in any format.
Recorded Live at The Troubadour


xmnr0x23 said...

Thanks for bumping up the bitrate! So far, I haven't been able to win a bid on this album along with Nat's soul of the bible. These make a great sub for the time being.

ionplayer said...

Very nice! Listening right now, amzing stuff.

Thanks heaps.

micaus said...

At one time he was top of the sax tree, but time has not been kind to Cannonball, Lord knows why, as he is one of the greats.

Thanks muchly for this great post.

FunkyMongoose said...

this one is awesome! thanks!

Wes said...

Thanks for posting this!! You have an amazing blog.

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Great quality post for a great album. Thanks again.

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Hey I googled this album and this came up. Thanks so much!

BabyBreeze said...

Whaddya mean "time hasn't been kind to Cannonball?" You mean he hasn't gotten his due, or he seems less (insert your superlative here) as time goes on? Certainly hope it's the former, as to me it's clear he remained creative and powerful as long as he was breathing. This one is sublime. Thanks for the upgraded bitrate. I burn this for all my true jazz freak friends. They're lovin' it.

kung said...

Amazing! I´ve never heard or seen this one. What a delight... very grateful!

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