9 October 2007


And yet more beautiful music by Cal Tjader for Skye from 1968.
Ray Barretto - Latin Percussion · Chuck Rainey - Bass · Michael Abene - Harpsichord Piano (Electric) · João Donato - Organ · Gary McFarland - Arranger . Vibraphone · Bobby Rodriguez - Bass · Cal Tjader - Vibraphone · Orestes Vilato - Latin Percussion

Another desert island disc for me and if challeged with only one Tjader album to be cast away with it would be a tough decision between this and "The Prophet".
This one catches Tjader mid-career in the first of his three albums on Skye Recordings, the label he owned with fellow musicians Gary McFarland and Gabor Szabo. Tjader is beautifully framed here by Gary McFarland's crystalline arrangements and Joao Donato's gorgeously understated organ. Tjader and McFarland are ideally matched here, particularly on the pop covers of "Never My Love" and "La Bamba" and McFarland's own "Fried Bananas" and the entrancing "Eye Of The Devil".
Don't be put off by the appearance of sappy pop tunes-this album is just exquisite throughout.Highly Recommended.
Ripped @320n from the Skye cd reissue from DCC jazz.


Jeremy said...

If I were stranded on a desert Isle, I'd prefer a prophet to more solar heat - but that's just me.


Baby Grandpa said...

AHA! This is one CD I DO have! Beat diggers should check out 'Never My Love'. The first chorus has been sampled to the hilt...

Example: Grand Puba, "I Like It". And many, many more. They all used the same bit from 'Never My Love'.

Great post once again!


greg said...

Thanks for this an all the other Tjader you've posted....I appreciate the effort. I've long been a fan of his music.

Yerblues said...

Oh, brother, can't thank you enough for all the Cal Tjader you've been posted... especially this record I love, because it has the great João Donato in the line-up, and this mean, using a Lennon lyric, "a splendid time it's guaranteed for all". Donato was on his way to forge the mindblowing "A Bad Donato" (1970), but here he just gives the Tjader ensemble his marvellous "Amazon" song and his fantastic playing. Really a must.

arshille said...

hello - just a quick line to thank you
for the effort you put into posting this wonderful music -

best wishes from arshille