7 October 2007


More beautiful music from Cal Tjader for Fantasy from 1968.
I first posted this 18 months ago so as it's one of my all time top 10 albums the time has come to post it again.320 rip this time from the long deleted Japanese cd reissue.Highly Recommended.

"This is an ecstatically beautiful album " wrote Herb Wong in the sleeve notes to this 1969 Cal Tjader lp.And I think he was right-I love this record .Cal got Joao Donato in on piano for this one who also wrote "Warm Song","Aquarius" and "Temo Teimoso" for the session.Cal knocked up "Souled Out",The Prophet""Cals Bluedo"and "The Loner" and added the standard "A Time for Love".He then added strings and vocals into the mix with the usual percussion / rhythm section and the combination works wonderfully as arranged by Don Sebesky.Moving from the swinging groove of the title track to the funky sound of Souled Out to the bossa influenced Donato input this lp hits the mark on every track .Beautiful jazz but also one for the lounge lovers. Oh and in case you're wondering where you may have heard it before Aquarius was sampled by a Tribe called Quest for Midnight Marauders .


Sergej said...

Hi. Thanx for Cal. Can you re-upload Cal's Amazonas. Thank you.

Burning Blue Soul said...

Thanks a lot for posting all the Tjader, and regarindg the last post--never what what Yanow says. Nekko's got him pegged.You know what's up, he doesn't like ANYTHING that's either not museum piace based, or doesn't sound like hard bop. Also, thanks for that Tyrone Washington. If you are ever inclined to post Roots, I'd be most grateful.

Licorice Pizza said...

Great set of Latin. Thanks for all of them. LP

bkdelux said...

Hey, this is great. Love it!

SO, this would make my top ten: but what is the rest of your top ten???

Curious who would be on there...


Pekis said...


Some good jazz shops where I bought some fine japanese imports:

- Köln: "Saturn" ( down to his great "Jazz Kelder" !)
- Paris: "FNAC Etoile"
- Paris: "Virgin Champs-Elysées"

Keep digging !

Alfonso said...

I like too much Carl.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you...
From Madrid

AvantGrape said...

Bacoso, I'm lovin' the Cal. My dad used to play this stuff through the house all the time.

BTW, if you get a chance check out my blog of FLAC shares: http://avantgrape.blogspot.com/. Over time, there might be some items that interest you.

Sergio said...

Thanks for all these beautiful Cal's albums!!

Cubano said...

Thanks for the Cal -- great stuff!

palojoe said...

we want more cal we want more CAL!! we want more CAl!! nice nice niceeee!!

bacoso said...

My Top Twenty In No Particular Order-subject to change as fast as the weather

Sahib Shihab-Companionship (vogue)
Grupo Afro Cuba -Afro Cuban Jazz(egrem)
Horace Silver-the Tokyo Blues (blue Note)
Eddie Palmieri-Molasses(Tico)
Eberhard Weber-later That Evening (ecm)
Sabu -Jazz Espagnole (alegre)
Miles Davis -kind Of Blue (columbia)
Cal Tjader-The Prophet(Verve)
Bobby Hutcherson-Oblique (blue Note)
The Trio(ecm)
Dave Holland-prime Directive (ecm)
Gene Shaw-carnival Sketches (argo)
Lee Morgan-in Search Of The New Land (blue Note)
Wayne Shorter-Speak No Evil (blue Note)
Pharoah Sanders-Village Of The Pharoahs (impulse)
Clarke Boland Big Band-latin Kaleidoscope (mps)
John Coltrane-Africa Brass(impulse)
Duke Pearson -The Phantom(blue Note)
Don Ellis-Soaring(mps)
Jackie Mclean-Hipnosis (blue Note)

J Thyme...kind said...

GREAT!!! Plus, "Temo Teimoso" is the blueprint for Stevie Wonder's"Too High". Way ahead!

Markus said...

Great album, thanks for re-upping this gem. My love for King Tjader keeps on growing, take care and god bless.

andrew said...

I was looking to get this album ("Souled Out" in particular) from iTunes but they didn't have it. So glad I found it here - takes me back to finding the record in an antique store and buying it off the strength of the cover with no idea who Cal was! Brilliant music.

valdez said...

Looks good ! Will try...thanks for sharing ;-)

arshille said...

hello - just a quick line to thank you
for the effort you put into posting this wonderful music -

best wishes from arshille

porco rosso said...

Just posted Tjader's 'Hip Vibrations' plus a discography of his Verve albums and linked here.


dputydwg said...

thank you!

jonathanalomoto said...

Hello - - - This is - Your - Midnight - Marauder - Programme - - - I - Am - On - The - Front - Of - Your - Cover.

A - Tribe - - Called - Quest - Consists - Of - Four - Members - - - - Phife - Dawg - Ali Shaheed - Muhammed - Q - - Tip - And - Jerobi - - - - A - E - I - O - U - - - And - Sometimes - Y