7 October 2007


Cal Tjader for Fantasy from 1977.
Let's face facts:I am a Cal Tjader freak and even more so a total sucker for his 70s lps on Fantasy which I have managed to collect in their entirety.So here's one that hasn't been posted before-I hope !
Have a read of an incredibly underwelming review from Scott Yanow at AMG:
During this period, the influential Latin-jazz pioneer was leading a hornless quintet/sextet that included Clare Fischer\'s electric piano as a key part of the band's sound. With guitarist Bob Redfield, bassist Rob Fisher, drummer Pete Riso, the talented (but at the time obscure) percusionist Poncho Sanchez and Carmelo Garcia on timbales keeping the proceedings heated, Tjader's group livens up such numbers as "This Masquerade," "Morning" and even the pop tune "If."
Ripped @ 320 from the original vinyl.


the jazzman said...

Thanks for these hard to find Cal Tjader.

Jazz-Nekko said...


Perhaps I am reaching too far but this particular Tjader set must be kind of poignant for you these days, no?

I also have this LP and am playing it now as I drivel on. . .

Gotta love the fourth track -

Cheers for the reminder about this beauty by Cal,


Christopher said...

Gotta Love that Cal Tjader! By far the best looking rock star. Move over Elvis... It's TJADER TIME!

Thank you for all the wonderful postings. My music collection has been enriched.


the doc said...

great post!! Can't quite understand why you included the Here and There jackets, but hey, the correct one is posted anyway!! I'd like to hear Here and There, if anyone wants to post it. Again thanks for this post!!

bacoso said...

As I commented on a previous post::I use windows media to supply the track listings and it does so by using the cd "Here and There" on which this lp is compiled.It is odd however as I changed the jacket you mention to the sleeve for Guarabe.Weird huh?

archer said...
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archer said...

could you please post the personnel for the other recently featured tjader albums?
unable to find info.

thanks for the uploads.

meehchelle said...

Great Post.......... thank you

rocketboy said...

I never heard of this guy, now I'm a fan...

thanks for the great posts.

Dante said...

Thank you you saved me the trouble of converting these amazing songs into mp3's. Your site in these days of digital garbage passing as music is a godsend. Thanks for taking me back to my roots your site made my week!

Dante Ross

arshille said...

hello - just a quick line to thank you
for the effort you put into posting this wonderful music -
best wishes from arshille

danteq45 said...

...I have the original LP-33 RPM Vinyl Record " Guarabe" By Cal Tjader. My only problem is I do not have the cover.I would like to order a CD of this album with the original cover.

Is this a rare album ?, and where can I purchase the CD. I go on to You Tube and you can only op-load the entire cut "Reza"

Cannot get the tune out of my head! Please respond.

Ike QuebecFan said...

I discovered Cal Tjader year ago and I felt in love at first sound. His music brings so many memories on my childhood.
I have tons of his albums. Thanks to you wonderful people, I had a chance to hear them before I bought them. I didn't regret any single penny :).
This one I've never heard. Is there any chance that you repost it because link is broken.