9 October 2007


Cal Tjader for Fantasy from 1971.
Luis Gasca,Coke Escovedo,Al Zulaica,Pete Escovedo - the Californian latinos are here in force but it's still the authentic sound of latin jazz and another top set of tunes from Cal.Here's a quick review from Motown 67 at soulstrut:
Agua Dulce is another record crossed off my long time want list. The Latin title track is highlighted by the work of Coke Escovedo on the timbales, and there’s a big bass line that opens Descarga before going into another Latin number. The upbeat Gimme Shelter and Morning are the two best songs. The latter has light vocals in the beginning setting the mood for the catchy melody.

Ripped @320 from the reissue cd "Descarga" which put this back to back with the formidable "Live at the Funky Quarters".


MrEzy said...

Great post!
Please don't stop!
Cal forever!
MrEzy from Italy

gazza23 said...

thanks a lot,can't get enough of 'Cal'.

P-dawg said...

Lovin' the Cal bonanza over here in San Francisco!
Don't want to break your flow with an annoying request for a re-post - but...
I saw Silver n' Wood from back in September '06. You probably haven't been getting many requests for that. But I'd be mucho greatful for another chance to bag it.
Take care, Bacoso. And thanks for all the hard work!

arshille said...

hello - just a quick line to thank you
for the effort you put into posting this wonderful music -

best wishes from arshille

Snake_Keys said...

Cal Tjader is one of the best musicians of the music history.
A lot of thanks for this stuff.
Peace and respect.