17 September 2007


Tyrone Washington for Blue Note from 1968.
Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, NJ; December 29th, 1967

Tyrone Washington - ts; Woody Shaw - tp; James Spaulding - as, fl; Kenny Barron - p; Reggie Workman - b; Joe Chambers - dr.
One of my favorite Blue Notes and one that's never got much attention.It made a reissue on cd in Japan years ago which is now deleted and has yet to be RVGd.God knows why as it's far superior to some of the albums that have benefitted from the RVG treatment.Guess it's probably not one that is thought will sell so well (although Andrew Hill's Compulsion made it so perhaps that argument will no longer wash)...who knows?It has something of a "new thing" sound about it combined with a post-Coltrane spiritual approach.
Anyway here it is in all its glory ripped @320 from the original vinyl.


webbcity said...

Thanks much for sharing this! Wow! Have been wanting to hear this for quite some time. Many thanks to you for putting this one up, and for the many other gems on this blog.

il angelo said...

Wow! This one has a history! I have heard so much about it.
Thanks so much!

waynes said...

thanks a lot for this one baccoso.every record with woody shaw is important.i love when you post out of print stuff this is (in my opinion)the most valuable^part of music blogs and the most exciting discoveries for us

Ferdinand said...

This was one of the most sought after Blue Notes in my life for ages!!

I ended up buying an expensive Japanese CD version a few years back, just so I could hear it.

Great that you're posting this stuff and making it available for people though. Loved the recent Jackie Mac..

soulbrotha said...

I have never heard of Tyrone Washington before but I look forward to listening to it! Thanks!

AvantGrape said...

Ahhhh yeah! You know, many years ago I almost bought this but it had one small deep scratch and since I didn't know who Tyrone Washington was (despite growing up in a household where Bluenote records were commonly spun), I figured it was worth skipping. Years later one of my friends told me what a monster session Natural Essence was, but I still never got around to hearing it. This is my first time. Wow. This ranks with some of the best Sam Rivers Blue Note sets. Thanks so much.

fairest said...

never heard of him. couple of listens, sweet record. thanks. reggie workman is great on it, too.

Michael said...

Yeah, this is a great one!
The other one I've heard by him, Do Right, but is very much in a "funky jazz" vein.

I've heard that he made a third LP titled Roots, but I haven't been able to find a copy (physical or otherwise) yet. You wouldn't happen to have that one, would you?


Worn out the 'grooves' since downloading. Thanks!

Bacosco: any suggestions for (non-techie) software program for transferring/editing vinyl to digital? Have you posted your how-to somewhere?

moxnix said...

thanks for this gem. can't wait to hear it!!!

Erin said...

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Michael Can't Sleep said...

I've read about this one, but never got around to hearing it. Thanks a lot.