3 September 2007


Sleepwalker for Village Again(Japan)from 2006.
Two files:Here and Here.

A great set of contemporary jazz from the Japanese Quartet Sleepwalker featuring guest appearances from none other than Pharoah Sanders(The Voyage)Bembe Segue(Into The Sun)and Yukimi Nagano(Afloat).
Here's Dusty Groove's review:
Brilliant brilliant work by Sleep Walker -- a soaring, soulful album of spiritual jazz -- one that we'd rank right up there with our favorites from the era of John Coltrane and Pharoah Sanders on Impulse Records! The vibe here is incredible -- jazz played live on tenor, soprano sax, piano, bass, and drums -- spinning out in modal lines that groove tremendously, but not with any tricks or gimmicks that get in the way of genuine jazz expression. Sleep Walker are easily one of the deepest and most talented combos of the current club jazz scene -- and their music never resorts to fake samples or heavy-handed rhythms to move the tunes along -- just glows in the genius of its own bright light, spreading forth in waves of soul and sound that are tremendous from the first note of the album to the last!

Highpoints for me are ball busting latin banger "Kaze",the modal swinger"Lost In Blue"and the epic title track with Pharoah in full effect.Highly Recommended.
Ripped @320 from the Japanese cd issue.


Jazz-Nekko said...


"Kaze" has been repeating thru the headphones for at least ten times. My ears seem to pulse with the rhytmn - if not, I am nuts. Anyhow, thank you so much for this one - it is ironically within my range of likes but somehow Sleep Walker has stayed off my screen.

I will be remedying that soon,



Vichakani said...

This is definitely the best of the 3 Sleep Walker albums in my humble opinion - but only just !! Search out the eponymous first album and the very recently released Works album for more of the same superb Pharoah-inspired, dance floor oriented, modern spiritual jazz. These players are tight. Also seek out Quasimode and Jabberloop for more modern jazz excellence from Japan.

Great job Bacoso - have been trawling through the blog silently, catching up on what has been posted and said about each post. Superb taste, and I can't begin to thank you enough for the time and effort that you have saved me ripping some of my own collection, not to mention the opportunity given to listen to many items that have been on my wishlist for a long time (e.g. Paul Gonsalves), as well as introducing me to completely new sounds (e.g. Walt Dickerson). Only wish I had been on-line last year to pick up some of the great posts that have expired.

I'll try to chip in with the oddd gem or two of my own from time to time if you don't mind, as a sign of my thanks and appreciation.



Sergio said...

This is totally new for me, but I'm sure it gonna be wonderful. Thank you Bacoso!

diego said...

Stellar album with my faves Bembe and Yukimi! Also check for Soil & Pimp Sessions, another great jazz outfit from Japan...

John Sauvage said...

Thank you for this album.
I like Club Jazz and this album is a gemm. ( I have Also a blog about Club Jazz )

Peace & Soul

Gleckit Loon said...

This and Soil Pimp - fantastic.
Disappointed I never found a club with music like this when I was in Japan. A good excuse to go back!
The share is appreciated.

Geordie said...

A great album, thanks for the posts, between you and others got all 3 Sleepwalker albums, digital anyways, a bit hard to track down copies of them.

Keep it up OIR, betweem these and the Sabu/Blakey posts, this is now my favorite blog.

Mr B said...

amazing album and project !!! Kaze is just hauntingly good

could you please please plese repost the 2003 album?



Ernesto said...

You can find the front and back cover of Sleep Walker here

Geordie said...

I just came back from a trip to Japan where I was finally able to track down the two Sleepwalker Albums I was missing.
I love this blog for introducing me to Sleepwalker and the downloads led me to buy my own copies of the cd for the liner notes and artist support.
BTW they have an EP available for download from that one place that starts with an "i"

bayviewsax-lostsoul.blogspot.com said...

Absolutely LOVE this! As with first comment, Kaze has found it's way into my bloodstream. Absolutely phenomenal.

Juan Cruz Pron said...

Can you upload this album again? :/