30 September 2007


Pedro Ruy-Blas and Dolores for Polydor Spain from 1976.
Flamenco meets jazz fusion on this monster from Spain.Don't be put off by visions of men with dodgy perms,gold medallions,hairy chests and twanging guitars warbling their way through the Manitas de Plata songbook with a red rose in their gob-this is a fucking bomb!
Check out "El Jaleo" and "La Ausencia" for some latin mayhem.The rest of the lp is great just give it a few listens as it's a real grower.
The band Dolores included Jorge Pardo on Flute and featured Pedro Ruy-Blas on vocals and percussion(he was also heard in full effect on Jayme Marquez's Vera Cruz) and originated in Spain.They produced three(?)albums which are all worth trying to track down this being the second I believe.An excellent best of retrospective was also issued in Japan on cd.
I remember the record dealer who traded as Casbah Records was always bigging them up in his lists about 15 years ago and was an authority on them.I don't know much more about them myself so if anyone out there has more information please leave it in the comments.
This lp has just got a vinyl reissue by Treasure Trove in London but it seems to be virtually sold out already-I've ripped it @320 from the reissue.It also got a reissue in Spain as a double cd set of all 3 albums which is now deleted.


Emanuele said...

oh yeah! this lp is a BEAUTIFUL THING!!!!

J Thyme...kind said...
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J Thyme...kind said...

BACOSO, I too posted this lovely bit of Spanish fusion.
Mine is the Japanese remasters. So sweet! Would love to hear those LP's though. These guys are great!

bacoso said...

j thyme-you posted the japanese best of cd which has exactly the same cover art as this bar the title.This post is a different set of tracks to yours.I have the jap cd myself that you posted.If you download this you'll see what I mean.Its a bit confusing!!!
I can also hook you up with a site which has rips of the other 2 lps which are both excellent if you like.

beats4life said...

I love this Album "El Jaleo" is a great track to play out
Thanks for the tunes

Ringo said...

WUUUUUUUUUUUUUU...this is a hot album!!! great for playing out! thanks so much for the funky sounds!!!

bluenote124 said...

Hi, this is the first time i have posted anything to any blogg so not sure what i am doing!. this logg is top class, some blinding titles. Been after this album for years! how do i down load it? Any tips would be much appreceiated. Got loads of quality Jazz to up load.