30 August 2007


Walt Dickerson for Audio Fidelity from 1964.

Plays Unity [Walt Dickerson (vb), Austin Crowe (p), Henry Grimes (b),Edgar Bateman, Andrew Cyrille (d)]
In the early 1960s, when Dickerson first emerged on the scene, a number of musicians had already arrived at the conclusion that bebop, which had dominated jazz for two decades, was an increasingly inadequate system out of which to make a music that could embody the tensions, dangers, revelations and liberated energies of the times. His music, while not nearly as radical in its departures and explorations as, say, the music of Cecil Taylor and Ornette Coleman, certainly places him among the significant contributors to the jazz revolution of his era.
The first side long track of this lp is simply called Unity.The individuality of each musician is not stifled and the over all cohesiveness suggests unity.The element of freedom through unity is a refreshing quality found in any of Dickerson's works.
The two drummers on the date,Edgar Bateman and Andrew Cyrille sometimes play simultaneously ,sometimes alternately and sometimes contrapuntally.George Tucker is a very fine bassist whom Dickerson is fond of because of his compatibility,and Walter Davis Jr, a stylish pianist, completes a formidable rhythm section.
The improvisation that is displayed on High Moon presents the jazz conoissuer with a delightful array of nuances against a background of exciting chord patterns.To the discerning listener the intriguing superimpositions utilized by Dickerson are nothing short of amazing.
Taken from the sleeve notes.


Jazz-Nekko said...

Highly apreciate the Dickerson threads flying around these days,

I did not have this one - I look forward to listening to it.


p.s. I love the "bother to leave a comment" grabber - it really pulls one's attention :-)

Thom Keith said...

There is no bad Dickerson, if you're unsure, take a chance. Thanks for posting this stuff -- it's a disgrace this guy is so unknown.

webbcity said...

Wow, nice one! Thanks for this gem...I think this is real hard one to find.

Hey Thom!

Boromir said...

Really great post. Only recently discovered Dickerson.

mikey said...

thanks for this one, WD is fabulous and its great to hear Andrew Cyrille in WD's bands from this time

John said...

Thank you for this one and so many others.Thus far you have introduced me to great work by Sahib Shihab,Walt Dickerson,Peter Herbolzheimer and many, many more.Thank you for generosity and wonderful taste.
John V.

Sergio said...

Another wonderful record. Thank you Bacoso. Walt Dickerson is very underrated.

il angelo said...

Once again a fabulous choice. Never below that level. Ample thanks

Fr├ędito said...

Thanks Bacoso ; looking forward to hear this Dickerson record (I knew about the man by a post in your fabulous blog, if I recall. Must have been with "To my queen")
Before, I knew only his name, after seeing it on a record with Sun Ra.

akj said...

thanks! I look forward to hearing this.

pepper67 said...

Thanks. Never even knew this existed. Starting listening to it and it sounds wonderful


makuma said...

Another new artist introduced to me by the great Bacoso! Wow! - is all that ocurres me to say :)

Thank You

Ernesto said...

Nore infos + chiaroscuro release cover of this dickerson can be found here:

(link hre splited use all togheter)

1 said...

Many thanks!