27 August 2007


The Mighty Ray Barretto for Fania from 1971.
All Killer-No Filler-Highly Recommended.
Dusty Groove on the case:
An early 70s killer from Ray -- recorded right in the same era as most of his best albums! The feel here is strongly in the salsa mode -- as Ray steps effortlessly from the Latin Soul era into a whole new decade of musical magic. And like the best of his 60s work, Ray's salsa cooks at a level that's far hotter than most of his contemporaries -- with lots and lots of incredibly tight percussion, impeccable instrumentation, and even a more soulful approach to the vocals than usual. The album's got a short Latin soul groover called "Together", which has tight bass and a very catchy lyric; an extended Latin jazz version of "Tin Tin Deo", with some incredible piano that goes way way out over the groove; and plenty of other great Latin numbers, like "Invitacion Al Son", "Vive Y Vacila", "De Donde Vengo", and "Hipocresia y Falsedad".
Adalberto Santiago Vocal
Roberto Rodriguez Trumpet
"Papy" Roman Trumpet
Orestes Vilato Timbales
Tony Fuentes Bongo
Louis Cruz Piano
Andy Gonzalez Bass
Ray Barretto Conga, vocal


the jazzman said...

Thanks for this RB. Nice to see the old Fania releases.

Vanzetti said...

absolutely superb. I'm digging this! The cut "Together" is a burner. Keep up the nasty orgy!


Lexmanbis said...

Thanks a lot for those uploads, could you re-upload PLEASE
taking of Pelham 1,2,3
Quincy Jones – the deadly affair
Farewell my lovely
Johnny mandel – point blank

thanks a lot in advance

Ben said...

Thanks for this - great stuff. Keep up the great work!

Cosmo said...
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chiriva said...

barretto, with one r and one t, in Spanish is the affective form for bar or pub.

xmnr0x23 said...

Sold! Thanks B.

Ray Jay said...

OUTSTANDING - Now we need Hard Hands. Thanks -Good work

Javiikiller said...

Thanks a lot! I love all Tin Tin Deo versions!