5 August 2007


Horace Silver for Blue Note from 1970.
Lyrics a bit to the pretentious side; music overcomes it.
- Ron Wynn, All Music Guide
However in Bacoso's opinion :
Dashiki's a bit on the flamboyant side;Turban's looking really cool.


wonderfulsound said...

does mr bacoso dress this way..? hhhhmmmm

bacoso said...

whatever bacoso wears he's gonna be lookin' like a mutha' fuckin bad ass dude-check my blog picture for ultimate gears!He dont be wearing dashiki's cos as any major player will tell you they is a mutha fuckin' 70s jive ass piece of shit!And as for a mo' fuckin' turban-man where the fuck you at? Get with it Mr Wonerful soun' an' stop wearin' them skinny ass jeans !!!

Cubano said...

Great stuff! Thanks for the Horace Silver.

wonderfulsound said...

peace and love

alpax said...

Bacoso - nice Miles Davis impersonation : )=

And thanks very much for the great post!

Milton said...

This record is fantastic. I found it for a dollar, and it's one I play all the time. I especially like the "Happy Medium" cover on this album.