10 July 2007


Shorty Rogers gets that Afro Cuban influence under his collar again for this heavy duty percussion driven workout for MGM from 1959.If you enjoyed my recent post of Puente's Tambo you will love this !

In 1959, Shorty Rogers wrote the soundtrack for a remake of Tarzan, the Ape Man. The movie (starring Denny Miller) soon disappeared, and so did this obscure LP. However, Rogers' music is worth bringing back, as is the humorous photo on the cover featuring Tarzan effortlessly lifting up the smiling trumpeter/arranger. The music that Shorty wrote for the film utilizes 14 horns, including trombonist Frank Rosolino and the reeds of Bud Shank, Bill Perkins, and Bob Cooper, plus Pete Jolly, two bassists, drummer Frank Capp and four enthusiastic percussionists. While side one of the album has six selections, all of which are in the same rhythmic mood, the flip side consists of the lengthy "Tarzanic Suite," an extended arrangement of the main theme from the picture. Although there are many short solos, the emphasis is on the dense and frequently exciting ensembles. The music, which is heard here in full-length form (unlike in the movie, where it is often buried behind the action), sounds quite self-sufficient apart from the action. A collector's item that has not yet been reissued on CD. ~ Scott Yanow, All Music Guide

Ripped @ 320 from the original vinyl-no reissues


Pekis said...

Hello Bacoso,

Here for your blog only:

Horace Silver
"Silver'n Strings"
(1978, Blue Note)
Ripped @256 from 2 LPs


Now, the "Silver'n" series is complete, THANKS to YOU !

Flatulist said...

Bacoso,Thanks for Shorty Meets Tarzan. I'm loving it! I would have been 14 when this came out, but don't remember the movie or the LP.
I also appreciate your input at CIA! I got Mexican Passport this morning and plan to spend the evening with it Thank you!

Dave said...

Awesome LP. Thanks.

JustPlainHip said...


Thanks so much for all of this great music.

I have seen "Silver 'N Voices" elsewhere online, but where are the others you metioned to make a complete series?

I have not seen
Silver 'N Percussion
Silver 'N Brass
Silver 'N Wood

I would absolutely love to be able to check these out!

Thanks for your help!

bacoso said...

PEKIS-thanks indeed.A worthy share!

bacoso said...

justplainhip-pekis and i posted all the "silver 'n' " series last year at our respective blogs.Neither of us had n strings.I still have vinyl copies of the 3 you mention and maybe one day I'll get them ripped again as the original files have now been deleted.

JustPlainHip said...

Thanks for the reply - I am new to blogging, and was not around last year to see these previously posted files. Hopefully sometime you will be able to re-up them.

I am enjoying your blog immensely - thanks very very much!!!!!!

bluebird said...

Thanks for Tarzan - not easy to find but a great sound.

anomia said...

Darn it I'm having a hard time find a track listing; can anyone help out?

obviously side b/07 is tarzaniac, but, what's the play order on side a?


grumpy said...

Don't know how I missed this before. Many thanks for the missing piece in my RCA jigsaw!

grumpy said...

The tracks are all tagged!
The playing order is:

01 - The Elephant's Wail
02 - Los Barbarosparadise Found
03 - Trapped
04 - Los Primitivos
05 - Oomgawa
06 - Tarzanic Suite

emailsyucky said...

Thanks for sharing this!