2 June 2007


Is it exotica ? Is it afro cuban ? Is it a total percussion rinse out ? YES YES AND YES !!!
Indeed, these 12 compositions will wake up even the sleepiest of listeners. On the opening track, "Dance of the Headhunters," Tito Puente's brass section comes in screeching with the full force of an express train . Supported by Puente's writhing percussion troupe, the trumpets smash right through to the upper stratosphere; rarely does one hear brass players hit so many high notes with this kind of ease. (Of course, trumpet virtuoso Doc Severinsen is at the helm here.) Puente himself takes the lead on "Rumba Timbales," a tune that is comprised of one long, raging timbale solo. Several layers of rhythms are piled on top of one another for this track, leaving the listener to discern between the various tempos that are superimposed over one another. "Witch Doctor's Nightmare" moves in a different direction, embracing the smooth-toned, jazzy stylings of tenor saxophonist Rafael Palau. For anybody wishing to better understand real, unbridled Afro-Cuban jazz, Tambo is the perfect listen. Not only are these performances filled with great virtuosity, Puente's compositions and arrangements underscore the very roots of the genre.
Reposted from April 2006-ripped @320 from the long deleted cd reissue.


Steven said...

Is it possible to repost Tito's

Top Percussion-Dance Mania?

bacoso said...

here's a rip of dance mania


it's not one of mine-i found it at Jazzy.
Top Percussion may make it to a repost some time in the future

alpax said...

One of my favorite Puente albums for trips to percussion heaven. Thanks for the rip!!

Brant Lee said...

This is a good one...Damn you Orgy in Rhythm! There is soooooooo many jems here! I only wish I got hip to you before. You've got some ridiculous records posted that have since gone dead that I would give anything for! Keep it up! I've added you to my blogroll... please do the same if you like what you see... thanks!

¿RevoluciĆ³n, No?

Licorice Pizza said...

Another goody for sure. Thanks! And at 320...bonus...replaces the 128 copy I currently have. LP

Ford MF said...

Wow, what a kick-ass Tito record. Thanks!

Vasilis said...


Mulata said...

Must say the Dave Pike's a winner.Sweet and simple, just good.
Looking out for this one.
By the way, where do you harverst you wisdom/empathy for these records and finding them?Do you play as well?Freaks me out and leaves me with angsiatie knowing to see them records and could not hear them.
Don't forgett to update you good percussion posts..



bluebird said...

Thanks bacoso - just discovered this - great.

apf said...

Thank you!