2 June 2007


Brother Jack McDuff's The Heatin' System from 1972 on the mighty Cadet label.This has never made it to cd despite most of the tracks appearing on compilation after compilation over the years,and it's also been sampled and remains a big groove heavy dj friendly slab of jazz funk in the truest sense of the genre.In other words-IT ROCKS!!!
Ripped @320 this time round so two files to grab- PART 1 & PART 2
Here's a review from the Soul Strut site:
"Jack McDuff's playing was best known for its bluesy influences, and that's highlighted on the title track, Heatin System, a long 12 minute plus track, which starts off in the Blues, but then picks up in the middle and turns to some James Brown influenced funk. The Prophet and Pressure Gauge are long groovers, with the latter having a nice guitar breakdown in the middle by Phil Upchurch who was a Cadet studio musician at the time. McDuff finishes off this double LP with two mellow songs that have their moments. 1st is a cover of Ain't No Sunshine which has a little Beatles melody in the middle, but which lacks the drum break, and then Radiation, which has a nice horn beginning."
This is a repost from August 2006 - ripped from the original vinyl @320.


instagib said...

Thank you so much for this repost! It really rocks, as you say. And it grooves and heats! :-)

stratos said...


thank you very much for your last fusion posts and your upgrades at 320 of earlier posts.
You're doing an excellent job here man, serving both pleasure and educational needs.

s o l e p o w e r said...

was so hoping u wud repost this one day... I have never heard any of it except compliments about how great it is !

thanks man

e-'klek-tik said...

thanks for this album. I have 1 request: Ron Carter - Piccolo.

thebeathunters said...

delicious slice of funk! thanks and keep on orgyin'!

hiphopfanatik said...

very good work !!!!
unfortunately the rapidshare link for Herbie Hancock Deth Wish is dead :( can u re-upload it please I'll be very grateful if u could into account my request

Peace / thanxx a lot for all these great posts

wonderful said...

more sven here bacoso


Onur said...

keep the vibes alive :)


Azuka said...

Love the ecletic vibes from this album....real good jazz music , thanks for the post!

Krapula said...


Same Artist & same name, but not the same record?!!

by Stewart Mason

A less-than-exemplary 1994 date, The Heatin' System finds Jack McDuff in an uncharacteristically subdued frame of mind. The nine tracks are heavy on the covers, which are either unimaginative rehashings of over-familiar standards (did we really need another take on either "In a Sentimental Mood" or "Put on a Happy Face"?) or perfectly acceptable versions of subpar tunes (Henry Mancini is a genius, but "Theme From the Pink Panther" is certainly one of his lesser efforts, and Chester Thompson's "Mr. T" is an obscurity for good reason), and even McDuff's five originals lack the playful strut of his best work. The rhythm section, particularly drummer Rudy Petschauer, certainly doesn't help matters any with their occasionally sluggish and generally uninspired playing, either, and two sax players (alto Andrew Beals and tenor Jerry Weldon) are often one too many. The nadir is "Sundown," which features McDuff's finest solo on the album as well as the first evidence that the rhythm section is entirely awake, but is an otherwise completely bland and forgettable smooth jazz trifle. Jack McDuff can't make an entirely bad album thanks to his immense performing gifts, but The Heatin' System is certainly one of his lesser efforts.

Artist: Jack McDuff
Album: The Heatin' System
Recording Date: Oct 24, 1994,Oct 25, 1994
Label: Cadet
Time: 58:57

01 601 1/2 North Poplar St.
02 Put on a Happy Face
03 Sundown
04 Mr. T
05 The Heatin' System
06 In a Sentimental Mood
07 Fly Away
08 Theme From The Pink Panther
9 The Playoff


Posted by bacoso

Artist: Jack McDuff
Album: The Heatin' System
Recording Date: 1972
Label: Cadet
Time: 01:10:56

01 The Heatin' System
02 Elmo Tucker
03 The Boiler
04 The Prophet
05 Pressure Gauge
06 Lonesome Is The Night
07 Aint No Sunshine
08 Radiation


bacoso said...

krapula-it says on my post 1972.The review/album you have left is 1994 and you are not the first person to pick this up.The AMG review is incorrect and they are NOT the same album although similar titles.As i remember the later date is actually called jack mcduff presents the heatin system-OK?

deconstructo said...

i'm having a problem with part 2. is it just me? it gets about 95% done & then craps out & i'm rapidshare premium...but hey, thanks for these great posts, i'm not complaining, just asking.

deconstructo said...

it was on my end...thanks again!

Stuart Palmer said...

Many thanks. Have been looking for this for a while.


Vinyl4Giants said...

Whoa! This one is great... Keep the heavy shit coming...

dmc said...

here's some help on your ebay image

al.chust said...

Hi, Bacoso. This Is ripped from the Japan Edition CD. @320


You are Bacoso "The Great"

Satchelmouth said...

Thanks once again.