16 June 2007


Bobby Hutcherson for Columbia from 1978.
James Leary Bass,Cedar Walton Piano,Bobby Hutcherson Vibraphone,Kenneth Nash Percussion,Freddie Hubbard Flugelhorn,George Cables Piano (Electric),Eddie Marshall Drums, Jessica Cleaves Vocals,Hubert Laws Flute,Todd Barkan Producer.
With keyboardist George Cables and vibraphonist Bobby Hutcherson contributing all of the compositions, it is not too surprising that this LP has plenty of strong melodies. Hutcherson is heard backed by string and horn sections on one selection apiece but they add to rather than detract from the melodic but not simplistic music. Freddie Hubbard drops by for a cameo on one ballad and flutist Hubert Laws is heard from in spots. A fine (if not overly adventurous) outing. ~ Scott Yanow, All Music Guide
Ripped from original vinyl @320-no reissues.


sakato said...

Missing track 1 - Secrets Of Love

bacoso said...

sakato-thanks.Reupping the link now with all 6 tracks.

Brother_jing said...

beautiful work bacoso!
i was wondering if you have the 1989 "Ambos Mundos" LP from Bobby...?

keep on truckin'

bacoso said...

link now re-upped with all 6 tracks.Brother-yes I will post it soon.

Mr B said...

thanks, great stuff all this!

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space debris said...

This is a great album - one of the first Hutcherson LPs I heard and I've been looking for more of his stuff ever since...

I haven't visited your blog in a while and it's wonderfull to see you are still going strong. Very impressive work, my friend.

Good luck,


t k said...

Man, you have some great ears. I've been working my way back grabbing some great stuff. You've help inspire me to create my own blog. If you like the stuff on this site, you may dig the stuff at Lost Soul.

-t k

brianvega said...

No relation to this album, could you please relink the Harold Land Peace-Maker album (no file found).

wooodenelephant said...

Still king of the blogs. When I've been easing off on blogland this is always one site I check.
Suggestions for future posts - other vibesmen, especially Fats Sadi and Freddie McCoy!
more library stuff - still digging The Cabildo's Three you posted ages ago.
Thanks for all the great music!

pepanito said...

Hi Basoco,

I'am a fan of your blog since the beginning. Please check my brain new glog (http://pepanito.blogspot.com)and link me if you like. I am Latin Jazz, "real" Salsa and Jazz oriented. Hope you'll like it.

Keep on going the good work...

Robert said...

wow thanks!!

Meester Music said...

Thanks for all the great stuff!

Was only vaguely familiar with Hutcherson but ya got me hooked!!

Keep it going strong!!!


BabyBreeze said...

A series featuring Hutcherson is straight out of my ultimate wishlist. Outstanding! I just ordered the Mosaic Select and hope others that enjoyed these posts will do so as well. Hutcherson is still going strong and deserves the support of appreciative listeners.

Marcus said...

I have been looking for this for years. Hutcherson is probably one of the best musicians in the world, period

arshille said...

Thank You for sharing this incredible music -
Best Wishes from arshille

Art Simon said...

Man I love this album! Thanks so much for turning me onto it. I'd love to hear Ambos Mundos as well.

: )