17 May 2007


Marco di Marco recorded this in 1974 for Modern Jazz out of Italy and teamed up with Chris Woods for this magical collaboration.
Dusty Groove on the case as always:
One of our favorite jazz albums of all time -- and an amazing showcase for the soulful saxophone talents of American player Chris Woods! Woods spent a fair bit of his career in Paris, which is one reason why his talents aren't that well known on this side of the Atlantic -- but even there, he rarely got the chance to record -- which is one reason why this album is such a treasure. The other, though, is pianist Marco Di Marco -- the Italian player who was recording at the time with bassist Jacky Sampson and drummer Charles Saudrais -- both excellent rhythm players who helped Marco to find an amazingly fluid groove -- one that brought together elements of soul jazz, bossa, and modal rhythms, all into a mix that's as effortlessly grooving as it is sprightly, lyrical, and beautiful. Woods really rises to the occasion here, and delivers some of his most sensitive work on record -- playing both alto and flute on the session, alongside a mix of Fender Rhodes and acoustic piano from Marco, and some tasty added bongos and congas on the set

This was a tough one to find for a long time but was reissued by Arision a few years ago- although it appears to be out of stock in most places possibly deleted already.


Skipper Bartlett said...

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there isn't much there yet but I'm working on it.

J Thyme...kind said...

Nice post good buddy. How about linking your buddy J?

wooodenelephant said...

Had this on the headphones for the early morning commute... Fantastic stereophonic bongos, especialy on the title track. Perfection!

AmBrOsE said...

This is an exccelent album thanx for your rip :-)

Chris said...

This blog is the works. Sorry I've been sampling a lot of material from it without saying thank you - I really appreciate you posting material which isn't available along with commentary and history etc.

Please keep sharing this otherwise unavailable great music.