27 May 2007


Les De Merle for Dobre records from 1978.On this one the super drummer knocks out a set of banging tunes with the Transfusion Group in a lost session, full of monster funky breaks which includes the astounding “Moondial” sampled by De La Soul, DJ Shadow & Greyboy.
Dusty Groove still stock the reissued vinyl and have this to say about it:
An excellent album of funky drumbreaks -- cut by a drummer who's a legend among funk fans, but who hardly ever gets mentioned in history books of jazz. Les was a little known LA player, but he had a monster approach to the kit -- and most of the few albums he cut are very in demand for fans of a good funky drum break. This one's a stellar session that mixes together straight funk with some strong choppy fusion numbers -- and it was issued on the tiny Dobre label, which came out with some excellent obscure sides during the 70s. Raul De Souza's on trombone, Milcho Leview plays piano, and Robby Robinson plays plenty of nice electric keyboards. Includes the break-heavy tracks "Moondial" and "Funk It!", the jazz dance cut "Canned Heat Suite", the choppy funky "Bacchanal", and the great groover "Kaballa".

This has made a cd reissue in Japan and the previously mentioned U.S. vinyl which this post has been ripped from at 320.Props to xmnr0x23 for putting me onto the music of Les De Merle with his recommendation of the awesome "Spectrum"-nice work fellah !!


hevisto said...

Thanks. I never even heard of this one. Do you happen to have any Melvin Jackson "Funky Skull"? I cannot find it anywhere.

Thank you for all your fine work.

xmnr0x23 said...

Thanks for the props Bacoso, but that's too much credit, mate! :) This is a great album, and thank you so much for sharing it!!!! You must hardly sleep, with all this good stuff you keep digging up.

Check out the Les website:


Wouldn't it be cool to hire him for your next birthdayparty? ;)

Baby Grandpa said...

Awesome! Just awesome! I have been looking for Les DeMerle's material for a loooooong time. I knew of Spectrum, but when I went to my favourite record store, it turned out that even the Japanese pressing on CD had been deleted.

Thanks to your remark with this Les DeMerle post, I just picked up the Spectrum from the Dust 2 Dust blog.



Reggie said...

Super sweet.

valdez said...

Well thanks for this...sounds good!

rochus said...

I was looking for some of the more obscure releases of Milcho Leviev's work and found this.
Thanks for making it available and turning me on to a new artist!

Don Dazzle said...

wow! big thanks! saw this going for crazy money.. so glad I can enjoy this without having to shell out 500$