3 May 2007


Jack McDuff cut this hunk of funk for Sugarhill Records in 1980.This was my first exposure to Brother Jack as the album got some heavy rotation on the jazz funk scene at the time.
Here's the line up:
The Jack McDuff Heatin' System:
Gerryck King - Drums, Percussion, Vibes
Jonathon Wood - Bass
Danny Wilensky - Tenor Sax
Danny Petrow - Guitar
Jack McDuff - Organ, Piano, String Ensemble, Moog, Percussion and Vocals
Guests: Joe Farrell (soprano sax), Stanley Banks-(Keyboards), Phil Upchurch (guitar), Karl Lidral (soprano & tenor saxophones)
This album is very much of the time although listening to it again whilst ripping it I felt it had aged quite well-or is it that so much funky fusion these days is just very retrogressive? Anyway the tunes for me were(and still are)"Pocket Change","Nasty" and "Tunisian Affair".
Ripped from the original vinyl at 320-no reissues.
And thanks again to Jazz Neko in Okinawa for the last couple of cover pictures.


avocado kid said...

jack mcduff on sugarhill?!?! Wow.

Rob G. said...

I never knew about this one. Thanks for all the McDuff. B3 is always appreciated! :D

Floriano said...

wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!oh my gooooooood....... Supa!!!!!!!!!!1

Vinyl4Giants said...

You are killing me!!!

Suit & Tie Guy said...

dude. you've uploaded some killer shit here.

i play, collect, and repair Hammonds and Leslies and have always tried to be as educated as possible with the history of whatever genre i'm working in (i play soul jazz and ambient/berlin school electronic music) but because of the dubious ownership of some of the really hot shit people have had to know where the cool records stores are (and have the money to spend on gasoline and vinyl) or be lucky enough to know someone who does.

people like you (who aren't uploading stuff that's in print) are doing a service to music. thanks much.

btw my website is linked through my profile. you might like some of the stuff i do. you might also think it's shit. feel free to pop on over and examine.

Sergio Choren said...

Thanks for another great Brother Jack album!!

Mr B said...

great job indeed, thanks.

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Yair said...

Bacosó: Absolutely great!
Thanks very very much for this and all your magnificent posts.
Aché pa' tí

walkathon said...

Ahh, very nice, thx for this.

Heard about this previously when the excellent Art Decade blog folks had posted a few tracks from it.

ego said...


Joseph said...

great job, thanks. This is incredible.