6 May 2007


Time for a soundtrack and here's a rarity on vinyl from David Shire with his soundtrack for the 1975 version of "Farewell My Lovely " starring Robert Mitchum.I had always enjoyed the film and thought the music played an integral part of it(you can't beat a good film noir) so I was chuffed to bits when I turned up a vinyl copy in a dumper bin for $5 in a small town in south west Florida.It's amazing what you can pick up when you leave your woman on the beach sunbathing-and I don't mean crabs!!!
Shire made a fabulous job of this haunting,brooding soundtrack which features solos by Don Menza,Dick Nash and Ronny Lang.I also find it somwhat reminiscent of Goldsmith's masterful "Chinatown" score (a future post and a favourite film).
Here's a few lines from Film Score Monthly who reissued it on cd:

Farewell, My Lovely resurrected the Philip Marlowe detective character - expertly played by Robert Mitchum - in a remake of the earlier Murder, My Sweet (1944). At the time, David Shire was in the midst of a remarkable run of brilliant scores as disparate as The Conversation, The Taking of Pelham One-Two-Three, All the President's Men and The Hindenburg. For Farewell, My Lovely, he crafted a wonderful, melancholy main theme which stands with Jerry Goldsmith's Chinatown, Bernard Herrmann's Taxi Driver, and John Barry's Body Heat as one of the best pieces of film jazz of the era. The entire score is permeated with melody - bluesy, haunting, and lovely - merging the Los Angeles of the '40s with the dramatic sensibility of the '70s. The theme for Charlotte Rampling's character is a perfect complement to Marlowe's music, and, much like Chinatown, the suspenseful moments are treated with modern, avant garde effects.Farewell, My Lovely was expertly designed by Shire as one of the best LPs of the 1970s.

This post is ripped from the original vinyl @320.It was reissued (with extra cues) on cd by Film Score Monthly in a limited run of 3000 copies


gilles said...

rather enjoying the david shire piece (many thanks for sharing it)!

wondered if you might be able to help with the following track.


I think its a song called "softly" by lalo schifrin (although I'm not a 100% sure)?

would really like to know which album its on.

thanks for your time.

bacoso said...

gilles-the tune sounds familiar but cant put my finger on it.Very niggling this is going to drive me barmy trying to work it out- any one else out there wanna give it a go?

Likedeeler said...

Hello music lover, I just read that you will repost reups from others. Cool. It's that I reposted Sabu's Afro Temple since I noticed that it was gone from here. If you feel like it, repost it here, leave a comment with me and I will link to your new post. Cheers

Likedeeler said...

Oh, and if anyone can repost Sabu's Jazz Espagnole, the famed 1st post ;], that would be really appreciated.

Reza said...

You can find afro temple here


And no I cant help with the Lalo track either :(

likedeeler said...

Stupid me. I assumed that there would be an automatic link to my blog.


Reza: Thanks! I have Afro Temple, that's why I posted it ;].

vesper said...

I finally got the Schifrin track: no softly at all :) it's Bachianas Brasileiras, from New Fantasy, out on Verve. It's also available on a best-of comp "More mission impossible and more".

bacoso said...

hey vesper-TOP of the class!!!Just goes to show how much I have listened to that lp.
Gilles-I have a copy of New Fantasy on vinyl so will try and rip and post it soon-unless you want to put it up Vesper?

vesper said...

well, the fact is that I don't have a vinyl copy of it - lucky you!! Go for posting when you can!

gilles said...

Thankyou sir!!!

bacoso said...

gilles-elreza has posted his rip of it here:

james said...

wicked. just listening to another of his the other day.

many thanks

Andrea said...

it is possible a repos ?