12 May 2007


Bobby Hutcherson for Blue Note from 1977.A lovely,laidback, warm sound puts this among Bobby's best work,and revolves around his working band of the time: saxophonist Manny Boyd, bassist James Leary and drummer Eddie Marshall.This band had developed an extraordinary empathy during its time and the musicians execute the exceptional material, most from Hutcherson and Leary, with ease, invention and enthusiasm.Here's a review from AMG:
This little-known gem is from the declining days of Blue Note. Vibraphonist Bobby Hutcherson welcomed his friend trumpeter Freddie Hubbard to his date and Hubbard (who is heard on four of the six selections) almost stole the show. It is particularly nice to hear Hubbard (whose recordings from this era are horrible) playing jazz again. In addition to the leader (who also doubles on marimbas), solo space is given to keyboardist George Cables and the reed players Manny Boyd and Hadley Caliman. This LP is worth searching for since it may be awhile before it returns on CD. ~ Scott Yanow, All Music Guide

Bobby Hutcherson, vibes, marimba; Freddie Hubbard, trumpet; Manny Boyd, soprano sax, tenor sax, flute; Hadley Caliman, tenor sax, flute; George Cables, piano, electric piano; James Leary III, bass; Eddie Marshall, drums.
Recorded at Wally Heider Studios, San Francisco on March 1-3, 1977
Recording and mixing engineer: Hank Cicalo.
Produced by Dale Oehler

This has actually now made it to a cd release as part of the excellent Mosaic Select box set showcasing Hutcherson's later work for Blue Note(much of which I posted here last year).This post is ripped from the original vinyl @320.


Clio said...

Thanks for the Hubbard and the Hutcherson. I made it here too late last year and many of the Hutcherson posts were already dead. I did manage to grab some of them though, and I am now fully hooked on his sound. Thanks again.

onthebeat said...

Too bad that the link is dead...
Looking for this album for years!

Andrew said...

This works (1/27/2010):


onthebeat said...

Thanks for the link! He's such a player... The latest cds he made on Kindofbue records are really worth to buy.