7 April 2007


The fabulous Mizell Brothers on the case for Flautist Roger Glenn on the Fantasy label from 1976.
Probably the least well known of the Mizell Bros productions this one has a great line up-Mark Soskin,Paul Jackson,BillSummers,Ray Obiedo,Pete Escovedo with the wonderfuly named Gaylord Birch on drums.This album features the fantastic latin flyer "Rio" (an old favourite which Bangsy used to cain at The Rio in Didcot -anyone out there know what happened to Cos and Tim aka Meat?).
The whole album has the usual Larry and Fonce quality control stamped all over it with funky breaks, latin breaks ,percussion work outs and the great Mizell sound.
Yep,don't like to repeat myself but it's another all killer no filler from Orgy in Rhythm !!!
Ripped from the original vinyl at 320 -NO reissues(not even Japan)
And click here to find out more about the marvelous Mizells.


Floriano said...

Yesssssssssss....super Beat super flute,super quality...yo!!!!!!tankz for allllllllllllll

vesper said...

it slipped out of my hands on ebay a few months ago... great to see here.

Slidewell said...

More fine stuff from those Mizells.

You probably know this one, but it sure seems to fit your bag here at Orgy . . .

Arif Mardin-Journey

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Say thanks to Muddy Boogers @ dollardigs!

Pete said...

tracklisting order?

avocado kid said...

1/2 the Headhunters!

mommy said...

i wish you people could see the back cover.
for some reason i really like the shot of glenn in the cockpit of the plane.

Rentro said...

Great music, a very good blog - thank you for everything ;-)

mr. wiggles said...


MusicMtnMonkey said...

Thanks for sharing!!
So good we want more :)

MusicMtnMonkey said...

PS. Is there any way we could encourage or facillitate posting of back side of the Albums? It would be cool to see both sides :)

sgmchef said...


I really enjoy all of your posts! Thanks for sharing everything!

I posted a lead for the Tito and Charlie DVD you were looking for on that thread. You had mentioned being "eternally grateful" for said info. I went searching for that DVD in hopes of that maybe you could repost that rare Don Ellis, French Connection soundtrack. If not, that's OK too. I appreciate everything you have posted anyways!

Take care,

bacoso said...

eric-check here:
prety sure this is a reup of my original post but split into the two films as the soundtrack only exists as one cd .Nice blog too.

Lar said...

niiize. i like this record, no my favorite of the Brothers' catalogue but it's still super filthy. take my word for it, i'm larry mizell's kid!

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Hugo CHAUMET said...

Good Morning
I am looking forward to listen to this album,
But unfortunately the link is not working.
Can anyone help me please?
thank you very much
Keep the groove