2 April 2007


The Teutonic titan of the trombone is back at Orgy in Rhythm with a banging big band session from 1973 from MPS.Featuring many of the usual suspects :Art Farmer,Dieter Reith,Nils Henning Orsted-Pederson,Palle Mikleborg,Tony Inzalacao and the great Sabu Martinez this one is another all killer no filler masterpiece.A banging version of Weldon Irvine's "Mr Clean",the sitar led "Wild Chick"the rippling conga/drum driven "Green Witch" and the fantastic title cut-this album is up there with "Wide Open" as the best thing RCB ever did.Highly Recommended.
Big thanks to Japan's finest Jazz-neko for providing a great cover shot.
Ripped at 320 from the original vinyl-no cd reissue.


ScoreBaby said...

Ghost of Klaus Kinski here. Danke fur diese super fantastic post. The balls out brass of Peter and his crew makes the after life less boring. Like the cool cats said in mein tag, my groove is full on and kicking it. Peace,


P.S. You should read mein autobiography. I bagged a load of hot frauleins in mein tag. You will learn my secret to success and become a real man also. Tchuss!

thebeathunters said...

thanks to you i'm a huge PH fan now so thanks for this new bomb!

Joshua said...
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avocado kid said...

I agree with thebeathunters. I used to only know Peter H from a few tracks on comps... now I too am a huge fan! thanks again!!!!

thebeathunters said...

waow! i had to come back and thank you again... this one is DA BOMB! that wild chick trick with the sitar riff is killing me- i already hear that shit as the soundtrack of Ocean's 13!!! question: who plays the organ on that track/lp?

stratos said...

Great groovy stuff up to "wide open" standards maybe even better. Thank you so much bacoso! Would love to see more albums like this and McDuff's.

Here are a couple of requests i've seen in past comments-all originally posted in orgy in rhythm:

Cecil McBee - Mutima

Dorothy Ashby - Afro Harping

bacoso said...


stratos said...

and another one

Shamek Farrah - First Impressions


s o l e p o w e r said...

stratos delivers again...

oh and for all u fans out there.....Nice Guy Eddie's blog is back !


...it's about time too.

trumpetaaa said...

wow mr stratos very very nice
of you to repost my requests
many many MANY thanks

stratos said...

no problem at all- BACOSO is to thank! I just was lucky enough to find OIR from the very beginning.

Keep'em coming bacoso!

alpax said...

I've had this album since it came out in '73 and Rick Kiefer's playing on "Ballad of the Sad Young Men" has always been my favorite version of that tune. Thanks for the rip!!

Richard said...

Yoiks. This is great stuff. 'Green Witch' comes on like the best Bond theme never used in a Bond film. I'm going to have to listen to the whole disc a whole lot more!

ais said...

been visiting OIR for a while now ... such an amazing selection of great, great music -- thank you SO much!

i wanted to ask after a few hard-to-find items if you happen to have any of them: any and all klaus doldinger or klaus weiss and any nobu hara and his sharps & flats, by chance? been searching for this stuff forever and can't find it -- even in NYC i couldn't find it!!

i have a few of the klaus weiss you have put up in the past, and thanks for that ... he really is fantastic, i'd love to hear more. doldinger ... you'd think it would be around, but no such luck. i'm looking for some of his stuff circa '65 to '75. nobua hara ... gorgeous big band music from japan, been around forever. none of it seems to make it outside that country, tho. again, 60's and 70's output seems to have the best horns!

anyways, thanks -- orgy in rhythm is a secret source of great music that i look forward to with every update.

happy easter, all

soup said...

many thanks for the strata east re-ups. i caught the blog late and missed out on the early gems.

just playing catch up and am very happy doing so.

Sergio Choren said...

Dear friend Bacoso:
I've been downloading stuff from your excellent blog for a while, and I can't find the proper words to THANK YOU for so many wonderful music and for your good taste in music. I got a huge collection of jazz organ players and albums, but Dieter Reith was unknown for me until I found the RB&C albums here, so thanks again for sharing that kind of stuff with us.
Keep groovin' and best wishes for you from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

BTW: Dorothy Ashby kills me!!amazing repost, thank you too to Mr.Stratos...do you have something more from that lady?

Pekis said...

That's great, Bacoso, we have luck with your blog, while others disappear ...
All of us, we say THANK YOU - Long life to OIR !

Thomas said...

Very nice...Have been enjoying your outstanding blog for a few weeks.
Any chance of publishing the composition credits? (I'm a bit OCD about these things)

LarryB said...

Thanks again, Bacoso, for a great post; I had never heard of this band before you put 'em up.

I don't know the composers of the music, but the performance credits to this album can be found here --


According to the list, the id3 tags of the mp3 indicate it was numbered side B first, then side A.

Maybe I'm a bit more OCD than you, Thomas.


Simon666 said...

Fantastic album, thanks bacoso

Simon666 said...

i need to post again. This is sooo good. Can't believe I've had a CD of "Wide Open" for years and years, yet never heard this one ...

Simon666 said...