15 April 2007


Freddie Roach's righteous first date for Prestige in 1967 after he left Blue Note.
Dusty Groove had this to say about it:
Quite an unusual album from organist Freddie Roach and probably the most progressive record he ever made! The setting here is different than Freddie's usual small combo mode a larger group that features tenor, soprano, trombone, and flugelhorn -- and Roach doesn't just play organ, but also blows a bit of flute, and even sings some fairly political lyrics on one track! The "My People" title is echoed in the liner notes, which were written by Freddie as they offer some strong political opinions on freedom alongside the usual comments on the tracks! There's a really righteous vibe here that opens the door towards more experimental organ albums of the 70s particularly those of Doug Carn.
Ripped at 320 from the Japanese CD reissue


Granny said...

Looking forward to this

Sergio Choren said...

I spend a lot of time trying to find all Freddie Roach albums, no matter CD or vynil, and this one was the most difficult to locate. Thank you my friend for another excellent post.
BTW, talking about B3 players on Prestige...¿do you have "Professor Soul" by Charles Kynard? It´s almost impossible to find!

MusicMtnMonkey said...

Diggin it!
Keep these golden tunes flowing

Craig.Ehlo4u2love said...

chea. keep on keepin' on mane