28 April 2007


Eddie Harris hooked up with Lalo Schifrin -Piano and Arranger- for this 1963 session on Vee Jay.This has three Schifrin tunes including a nice version of "Samba para Dos" which is enough to recommend it in itself. Chuck Lampkin on Drums,Jimmy Rainey on Guitar,Art Davis on Bass and Jack Del Rio and Osvalo Cigno on Percussion.
Ripped from the original vinyl at 320.Reissued on cd-now deleted.
Jazz-Neko on the case again with the cover picture-thanks as always!


MetroBase said...

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P.K. said...

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Steven said...

Are you willing to repost the following albums?

I would sure appreciate it. Thanks for your trouble. And, great site!

Top Percussion Dance Mania - Tito Puente

Tamboo - Tito Puente

bacoso said...

titos "tambo" will make a repost in the not to distant future.

The Ghost of Jerry Reed said...

I heard this album from my Dad's record collection when I was ten years old. I had just started playing the double bass and Art Davis's playing was a mindboggling epiphany. This music still takes me back. Thanks!

antonionero said...

please re-up the
Bossa Nova (Eddie Harris album)again.
i cannot find this one in any other site.
can you make it via hitfile or mega or any other you want.
please please please...
thanks in advance.