16 April 2007


Dave Pike with a Caribbean flavour for New Jazz(a subsidiary of Prestige)recorded in 1962.Ahmed Abdul-Malik splits the bass duties with George Duvivier,Tommy Flanagan on Piano,Jim Raney on Guitar,Willie Bobo and Ray Barretto on drums and congas respectivly and Leo Wright on Flute and Sax.
Dusty Groove write this about the album:
Don't let the "limbo" in the title put you off because this isn't some early 60s gimmick session, designed to cash in on a dance craze and instead, it's a wonderful early Latin set from the great vibist Dave Pike! In fact, given the strength of the grooves here, it would be plenty darn hard to do any limbo action to this one because the rhythms are bouncy, modal, and very very groovy served up by Pike on vibes, in a lineup that includes Ray Barretto on conga, Ahmed Abdul-Malik on bass, and Leo Wright on flute and alto plus a few other straight jazz players like Jimmy Raney on guitar and Tommy Flanagan on piano.
Ripped at 320 from the US cd reissue in 2000.


MusicMtnMonkey said...

Can't wait to hear this one, will give it a "spin" soon. I do have a copy of the "Jazz For the Jet Set" vinyl by Dave Pike and I enjoy listening to it..


Vangarmen said...

Unfortunately, the link only contains Part 2 of this album.
Thanks anyway.

bacoso said...

vangarmen-no it is the WHOLE Limbo Carnival album.I think you may have confused this with a cd called Carnivals which contained Bossa Nova Carnival and Limbo Carnival together.Bossa Nova Carnival was posted here last year-ok?

dell said...

you killed me with this last set of joints!


faslimy said...

amazing, bacoso.. havn't commented in a while but its hard to believe you're still committing yourself to providing great rare tunes for us plebs.

My mouth is watering at the thought of a recording with Leo Wright that I havn't heard, and with him on flute no less! thanks.

Paul F. said...

Another fantastic choice. Do you have any more Pike for posting? This is a great album.

Tom said...

the whole lineup on this is frigging out-of-this world! great to see all this Pike lately on the WWW

thanks, bacoso!

hideo said...

I'm speechless, just amazing this is

Mulata said...

Can't wait to hear this one.Carabian rhythms are the most fun.Love it!


arshille said...

hello - just a quick line to thank you
for the effort you put into posting this wonderful music -
best wishes from arshille

sexy said...


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