17 April 2007


The Prestige posts keep rollin' on with another banger from Charles Earland recorded in 1971.
Motown 67 had this to say about it at Soul Strut:
Charles Earland and his band of players including Houston Person and Maynard Parker jump start things with the rousing funk-jazz of Betty’s Dilemma with some pounding drums by Jesse Kilpatrick who lets loose with a long LOOOOONG drum break as well. Earland changes pace with the next song, Love Story with its moody beginning before going into a little vamp, probably the only version of this song I’ve ever actually liked. On the second side Earland returns to his more traditional, swinging soul-jazz with One For Scotty. The band also does a decent cover of S. Wonder’s I Was Made To Love Her. Probably one of Earland’s best albums.
This has never made a reissue on lp but I seem to remember a couple of tracks from it have made compilation albums-anyway here it is in its entirety ripped at320 from the original vinyl.


Sergio Choren said...

My man, you got my deepest gratitude. After the killer Freddy Roach album, this one by the Mighty Burner is just too much for a single week... once again, thank you.

avocado kid said...

awww shit!

stratos said...

hi bacoso,
i'm digging your last gems right now being confident that even the most favorable reviews are inadequate to convey the magic of the sounds posted in OIR.
Again, thank you!
i would agree with somebody's comment that it would be nice to see more of the artwork of the albums you upload, yet i do understand that it would be quite laborious and time-consuming.
I've also seen the name charles kynard being mentioned; i have only heard a tune, wa-tu-wa-zui or sthg, in the compilation manifesto of groove vol6. If anything else by kynard is half as good as that tune, i would appreciate the chance to hear that.

all the best

MusicMtnMonkey said...

Great Music, Thanks!

jean lafite said...

nice string of posts here bacoso.

MusicMtnMonkey said...

What an incredible album. If you don't give this a listen you are really missing out. It's soo good I have to give a second thanks for posting it!

Craig.Ehlo4u2love said...

Makes my day. Just came across this blog this morning. I was supposed to cotinue working on a paper, but this ish is just too good to be passed up right now:)


TripleJ said...

Excellent. Looks like a great one. Thanks for sharing.

Simon666 said...

Just came across this somewhere else, but I imagine it came from here originally, so thanks, great stuff!

flimflam said...

Thanks!! Never heard (or saw) this before.