1 April 2007


Brother Jack from 1968 on Cadet Records with album supervision by none other than our man at Cadet Richard Evans so you know this album has to be all killer no filler.
This one is brimming with goodies:"Jelly Jam"with a stonking break intro,"Win Lose or Draw","Hold It For A Minute" and "You Sho Walk Funky" -the whole album is a winner.
Here's what Motown 67 had to say about it at Soulstrut.com :

I thought I’d seen most of the Brother Jack McDuff records, but then I came across this gem. Wow is all I can say. I DIG this album. Win Lose Or Draw, Black Is! Jelly Jam (which starts with some funky drums), and You Sho Walk Funky are all banging funky jazz numbers. Hold It For A Minute is more jazz but is also nice, and McDuff even pulls off a good cover of Summertime. This is by far the best McDuff record I own. People, you gotta go find this record and get down.

So you can get down to it with a 320 original vinyl rip here !

For those of you who intend to re-post my link elsewhere don't bother re-upping it as it's pretty obvious it's originally come from Orgy in Rhythm.Just use my link and whether you acknowledge it came from here or not is up to you-I really don't mind ok?
And a big thanks to jazz - neko for the new cover scan-good work fellah!


trumpetaaa said...

thanks for all wonderful music you share here
i got two request for re ups if possible
shamek farrah first impressions
& cecil mcbee mutima
i discovered your blog too late for those would be very nice if you can put them on line again

Soul Man Red said...

Thanks for the Brother Jack. Always good to hear him - and this is one I have not come across before.


Jazz-Nekko said...

ahhh man! this is really a nice post,

why is it that work/life/etc intervene when one of my MOST loved artists is released thru your loving hands?! (enough selfish whining...)

bacoso, again, many, many thanks for this. i absolutely am fascinated with mcduff's work. i saw him in concert three times, one of those being with a very, very young george benson; unforgettable and some what of a revelation to see what benson has done since that time.



Groovin' Dan said...

All you have to say is "Cadet" and "1968" and I am SOLD...

Thanks, as always!

thebeathunters said...

another nice slice of funk-and i'm not particularly fond of hammond though... what's wrong with boppin' around?

hazmania said...

Outstanding! This site is the best. Keep the cadet coming if possible. I am looking for Eddie Fisher's The Third Cup. (I have it with two gigantic skips.) Also requesting Paint It Black by The Soulful Strings and Afro-Harping by Dorothy Ashby. Thanks again.

sulingman said...

Having a bit of trouble finding cover art for this.
Thanks for the music, though!

pastyhead said...

stonk'n my hansom...:)

Rob G. said...

Classic. Thanks.

My buddy actually studied with Richard Evans at Berkley (east coast), lucky bastard. I guess that's what he does these days, teaches composition and arranging.

woober said...


Great stuff, both of the last two Jack McDuff albums on the blog.
I haven't heard too many, but everything I have heard on Cadet so far is GREAT!

Can anyone tell me the players on this album and/or Magnetic Feel??

Thanks for Sharing, this blog is building some nice diversity into my music collection!

Jazz-Nekko said...


perhaps someone could fill in any missing blanks but for the time being, whatever it may be worth and to the best of my knowledge:

Getting Our Thing Together (Cadet CA-817; Sep. 1, 1968)
Brother Jack McDuff (org(hammond b-3?/moog/arp), unknown big band, Richard Evans (cond/arr/dir); recorded at Ter Mar Recording Studios (Chicago) in October 1968
01. Jelly Jam
02. Win, Lose or Draw
03. You Sho' Walk Funky
04. Black Is
05. Summertime the Pulpit
06. Hold It for a Minute
07. Up, Up and Away
08. Two Lines

Magnetic Feel (Cadet CA-60039; 1975)
Brother Jack McDuff (org/kyb), George Benson (g/all solos/d), Phil Upchurch (waw/g), Cornell Dupree (rhG), Pee Wee Ellis (ts/as), Bob Cranshaw (b/d), Grady Tate (d), Ray Mantilla (per), 1975
01. Blue Monsoon
02. Don't Mess With Mr. "T."
03. A Long Goodie
04. Won't You Try My Love
05. Black Jack
06. Magnetic Feel

Jazz-Nekko said...

...dredging the depths of my memory - although i could be mistaken - i recall that the ever-brilliant illinois jacquet is blowing those fine tenor sax notes. if you don't know of him, shame on you (kidding!), you must get to know his work - always brilliant.

does anybody know if my memory is correct?



Jazz-Nekko said...

...follow up question:

would anybody happen to have McDuff's "To Seek a New Home" (1970)?

this album is supposed to be r-e-a-l-l-y killer! the line-up includes ine-up Jimmy Witherspoon and some top-notch British jazz musicians, e.g. Terry Smith (g) and Dick Morrissey (ts).

please let there be a McDuff god out there!


Vinyl4Giants said...

Brother Jack McDuff does have some nice ones... And this is one of them. Thanks for the up!

J Thyme...kind said...

This looks strong. Thanks. No link for your buddy J?

BlueHipster said...

Hello Orgy In Rhythm

thanks for the great posts. I downloaded several ones the last couple of weeks. I like to share a big part of my old vinyl collection (exotica, party-music, jazz-grooves, rarities) so I have posted 7 album-downloads on my website:

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Many more will follow.

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Happy downloading and listening.


soup said...

im getting into this. thanks for sharing your find.

MusicMtnMonkey said...

Could We talk anyone into reposting "The Heatin System"? I see that it was posted on the blog in June 2006.

All the many things I have downloaded from the blog have been Great, Thanks!

Adam said...


Funkback said...

Thanx for The Brother. I went straight to What.cd with this one. I happily recommend anyone who picks it up to pay a visit over here. A really great place for Funky Jazz music.

Gildas said...

Hi there, the link is dead while music will live forever (Dexter W)
Could you repost a new link ?

Thanks for those fusion gems AGAIN and AGAIn


scott said...

Hey Basco,

Thanks for posting this, but I'm not having any luck finding the link. Any help?


Bacoso said...

scott-link is dead.

OldHippieRick said...


I have that LP by Brother Jack McDuff "To Seek A New Home" 1970

and I'll RIP it @ 320 and post it here in this comments and @

very soon ~ ☮ldhippierick

OldHippieRick said...

Brother Jack McDuff To Seek A New Home 1970