29 April 2007


Bobbi Humphrey for Blue Note from 1975 with the marvelous Mizel Brothers on production duties.Here's a review from AMG:

Bobbi Humphrey's groundbreaking collaboration with producer Larry Mizell reached its climax with Fancy Dancer, a record that expands their signature sound to its absolute breaking point. An absurdly lush mosaic of celestial flute solos, otherworldly keyboards, scorching Latin rhythms, and melodramatic vocals, it walks the tightrope between cosmic and comic, reveling in the kind of sonic indulgence that only the most expert musicians can pull off. To be blunt, Fancy Dancer is the fusion equivalent of fondue simmering and rich, sure, but cheesy as hell; it's also impossibly funky, with grooves so hypnotic and so allconsuming that its weaknesses are completely immaterial. Jason Ankeny, All Music Guide
Here's the line up:
Bass - Chuck Rainey
Clavinet, Conductor, Synthesizer [Solina], Trumpet, Vocals, Arranged By, Producer - Fonce Mizell
Conductor, Other [Copyist] - Sigidi
Congas - Mayuto Correa
Drums - Harvey Mason
Engineer - Steve Maslow
Executive Producer - George Butler
Flute, Vocals - Bobbi Humphrey
Guitar - Craig McMullen , John Rowin
Harp - Dorothy Ashby
Marimba, Vibraphone - Roger Glenn
Other [Coordinator] - William Jordan
Piano, Electric Piano [Fender Rhodes], Clavinet - Skip Scarborough
Piano, Electric Piano [Fender Rhodes], Synthesizer [Arp] - Jerry Peters
Piano, Producer, Arranged By, Conductor, Synthesizer [Solina], Synthesizer [Arp], Electric Piano [Fender Rhodes], Vocals - Larry Mizell
Producer - Chuck Davis
Remix - Chuck Davis , Steve Maslow
Saxophone [Tenor] - Tyree Glenn, Jr.
Technician [Assistant] - Jeff Hawks
Trombone - Julian Priester
Trumpet - Oscar Brashear
Vocals - Augie Rey , Jesse Acuna , Katherine Lyra , Rosario Davila , Sónia Tavares

This made a cd reissue in Japan a few years ago-this post is ripped from the original vinyl at 320


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