17 March 2007


Essential Odeon release from 1967 with Airto Moreira,Hermeto Pascoal,Theo de Barros and Heraldo do Monte.One of the defining moments in Brazilian music this is a monster-here's what our old friends at Dusty Groove had to say about it:
A landmark album that changed a generation of Brazilian musicians! The record features amazing performances by this short lived quartet that included Airto, Hermeto Pascoal, Theo De Barros, and Geraldo Vandre -- a group of young hipper players working here in a mode that's both rootsy and modern, yet which also grooves with a simplicity that's beautiful. Flutes and guitar dance around with early percussion by Airto -- creating a groove that's impossible to describe accurately, but which you'll instantly recognize as archetypal!
Yep that says it all-this one made a reissue in Brazil on cd and I've ripped this post from it.

Thanks to matt at woebot for the pictures-visit him here.


pastyhead said...

lov'n dis my hansom...:)

WOEBOT said...

ha! you used my photo. matt woebot.

bacoso said...

matt-your pictures were the best on the net by far.Have put a link on to acknowledge-how's that?Any problem drop a line in the comment box.Cheers!

CrimsonKing said...

Great album!
Thanks :)

atticablues74 said...

Only took TF 9 days to spot this Yawn (We've been enjoying it for days fuzzyites!)
Last track is storming.

Miss F said...

thanks a lot for this great post!~

WOEBOT said...

hey no problem at all!

great site btw.

linked you in the past here:


El hurĂ³n said...

Is there any chance this could re-uploaded. Thanks