4 March 2007


This is DEFINITELY my last repost for a while but as it's been regularly requested(my original shares are deleted)here is Latin Kaleidoscope for the third time.

One of the great latin jazz lps of the 60s and featuring who else but Sabu Martinez.Latin Kaleidoscope is comprised of two suites, with the band swinging on well-written parts to a panoply of well-used percussion elements .Boland recruited drummers Kenny Clare, Al "Tootie" Heath" and Sabu Martinez to add their percussion talents.Gary McFarland’s six-part "Latin Kaleidoscope" is a joy to discover – much as it was to first hear his solo creations and offers much evidence of his gifts. Boland, who added his own touches to this suite, never takes a solo throughout and is occasionally heard on harpsichord; a sensitive touch to sensitively considered music. And excellent solos are taken by Sahib Shihab ("Duas Rosas"), Ronnie Scott ("Uma Fita de Tres Cores") and Aki Persson ("Othos Negros")Francy Boland’s "Cuban Fever" is like a musical postcard of Cuba: powerful, colorful, exciting, where the unexpected is approached at every corner. The innate skill of Boland’s craft is most apparent here. Like the great jazz arrangers, he’s a scenarist, a master painter. Here the brasses cover more of the thematic canvas. But it is often the reeds that take solo honors (a nice contrast) – with the exception of the beautiful finale, "Crepusculo y Aurora" that benefits by a resonant Benny Bailey trumpet solo (Clarke’s clever shifting patterns are much in evidence here too).

This is a repost from March and October 2006.


GIBSON L5 ( RAZ ) said...

THANKS ALOT !!!!!!!!!!

dgram said...

Yeah, man! Thank you so much for reposting this one. I missed it the first two times and had actually forced myself into adopting a philosophical attitutude towards the whole situation: "Well, I did get five Clarke-Boland albums from Orgy In Rythm, after all, so it's not like I have any complaints…" And then came this great repost! It's a winner, alright. Up there with any of their best albums. Please download it this time, as we may not get a fourth chance. Trust me. You won't be sorry.

Thanks again for your great site!

Kait said...

hey thanks for putting all this music up! i just heard about Gary McFarland for the first time at a class at U. of North Texas this summer. Would love to hear more! Now I'm wondering - have you heard whether his scores are available anywhere?

Thanks again!

Arthur Konstantinov said...

Thank ya for every post. Gosh I can't beleive I found this yammy-jazzy blog!
T H A N K Y O U !!!!!

KingCake said...

Just listened to it My friend Frank who plays in big bands - we are both knocked out! Only Thad Jones Mel Lewis ever played these kind of charts.

troods said...

Since I joined the music blog community late, I appreciate that you've made this available again. Music bloggers continue to show the best that the human spirit has to offer - generosity and kindness. Hope I can return it on such a level some day.

rm said...

thank you very much

Rock said...




bluebird said...

Many thanks Bacoso - again, good to see the links are still live.
I had this years ago and in a moment of madness sold it with many other lps.
Now, why did I do that? It's such a great disc and I'm pleased to welcome it back into the fold.