8 March 2007


Grupo Afro Cuba Havana from 1979 produced in the Egrem Studios Havana and licensed to Plane Records Germany.
I picked this up from Paul Murphy's Soho record bunker in the early 80s and it's been a regular visitor to my turntable ever since.What a combination-big band jazz meshing perfectly with heavyweight afro cuban percussion and folkloric elements of Cuban music.This album is pretty unique-I'd never heard anything like it at the time and nothing comes close to it now over 20 years later.I guess the nearest thing for comparison would be Irakere but to be frank this just blows them out of the water.
Check "En Lloro Mi Nankwe" and "Mazamorra" to get the dancers spinning on their heads!!!
Easily into my all time top 5 - highly recommended.
Don't sleep on this one!


Quimsy said...

cheers for this - listening now.

Great stuff and a new one on me!



Yair said...

Bacosó this is incredible!
Many many many thanks,
Aché pa' tí..

jön said...

awesome, thanks so much for this. your site is one of the best mate - great, diverse selection.

do u mind if I link to your blog on my site?


J Epstein said...

good enough for you ten it's good enough for me - dl'ing now!



bacoso said...


sulingman said...

I wonder if I can e-mail you a track for identification. I've never been able to figure out who the artist is, but it is probably boogaloo. You seem to know a lot about that sort of music.

Thanks for this one.

soup said...

i'm glad i took up your recommendation. thanks. keep up your good efforts.

fpoh said...


i was a little late finding this...i think you must have taken it down from rapidshare. if it blows the great irakere out of the water, i've got to hear it!

any chance of re-posting it?

muchas gracias,


culov said...

i agree with fpoh... i need to hear this!!! any chance of a re-up?

chazz said...

What happen to link?????

ERinLA77 said...

Can I add my voice to the lot asking for a re-post of this one? Thanks! A friend turned me on to your blog a few months ago and I'm LOVING it so far.

andrea said...

Please repost this one. Thank you very much.

ranyi said...

oye Bacoso recien descubro tu pagina, increible, me encantaria poder descargar este trabajo, chao y gracias

Calisan said...

Hola bacoso! Alguna posibilidad de re-subirlo?
Gracias de antemano, que sea un buen año y saludos