18 March 2007


Deodato from 1973 and before he hit the big time with CTI.This one's on Odeon and features a Brazilian/USA line including Orlannd Divo(those in the know will recognise that name)Mamao,Bebeto,Helcio Milito,Sergio Barroso,Marvin Stamm,Wayne Andre,Romeo Penque and Phil Bodner.Deodato is on Piano,Organ and Electric Piano.Better than the CTI lps in my opinion but see what you think.
Here's a review from AMG:

In the early '70s, the electric Hammond organ was still getting a lot of exposure thanks to B-3 icons like Jimmy Smith, Charles Earland, Jimmy McGriff, and Jack McDuff. It was a prominent instrument in soul-jazz, and plenty of rock and RB musicians also believed in the power of the B-3. But in Brazilian jazz and pop circles, the instrument wasn't as popular -- some musicians believed that the B-3 wasn't right for the samba beat. Eumir Deodato, however, didn't feel that way. Although the Brazilian musician/composer/producer was best known for acoustic piano and electric keyboard playing, he could handle the Hammond organ and saw no reason why it shouldn't be used in a Brazilian setting. The Hammond organ, in fact, is an integral part of what Deodato does on this 1972 project, which was originally released on LP in Brazil as Os CatedrĂ¡ticos '73. Deodato doesn't play the organ exclusively on this album -- he is also heard on electric and acoustic piano -- but the organ is quite prominent and proves to be a major asset. Much of the material has a very congenial, good-natured quality, and the sound that Deodato achieves on Skyscrapers ends up sounding like a combination of Brazilian jazz-pop/fusion and Earland's more mellow grooves. Skyscrapers doesn't get into the sort of ultra-funky grits-and-gravy jams that Earland was a master of -- Deodato doesn't perform any instrumental versions of Sly the Family Stone gems -- but his organ solos do shore an awareness of Jimmy Smith (who, of course, was Earland's foundation). The Hammond organ isn't the first instrument that one mentions during a discussion of Brazilian music, but it definitely works well for Deodato on Skyscrapers.
- Alex Henderson, All Music Guide

This got a reissue in Spain on Equipe years ago which seems to be deleted-however Bomba in Japan have reissued it and this is still available(at a price).Irma from Italy have also put it out but retitled it Skyscrapers and put a different cover on it-God knows why!!!
I saw Deodato play a few years ago and had to walk out when he launched into Led Zep's Black Dog(?).I then read a brown nosing review of the gig in Straight No Chaser which went into raptures about it-no accounting for taste is there!!!
This is ripped from the Spanish cd at 320.


avocado kid said...

What about Walter Wanderley & Ed Lincoln?

Seems like there was an established Brazilian organ tradition long before 1972.

(my 2c)

I do love Deodato though and my nitpick is with AMG not Bacoso for posting this gem!

J Thyme...kind said...

This IS Deodato's best record!! I agree, better then anything on CTI. Big respect for the crossover success of "2001" though.
Get this!!

les said...

I agree. This is my favorite Deodato album too. As you mentioned, great use of the organ in the sound of this record. I play this one a lot! Thanks so much.