4 March 2007


David Murray with his Big Band for Disc Union in Japan from 1992 arranged and conducted by Butch Morris.
Storming latin big band romp through originals,standards and covers.
"World of the Children" by Shamek Farah is superb,there's a great version of the Murray standard "Flowers for Albert" and the rest of the album is of a uniformly high standard.
The Penguin Guide To Jazz called this "A hugely impressive acievment and a key work of recent years"- damn right it is!

Larry McDonald Percussion
Rasul Siddik Trumpet, Soloist
Sonelius Smith Piano, Arranger
Tani Tabbal Drums
James Zollar Trumpet, Soloist
Alex Patterson Trombone, Soloist
John Purcell Saxophone, Sax (Alto)
Hugh Ragin Trumpet, Soloist
Graham Haynes Cornet, Soloist
Fred Hopkins Bass
David Murray Clarinet, Soloist, Main Performer, Sax (Tenor), Saxophone, Clarinet (Bass), Arranger
Vincent Chancey French Horn, Soloist
Patience Higgins Saxophone, Soloist, Sax (Soprano), Sax (Tenor)
Frank Lacy Trombone, Soloist
Don Byron Clarinet, Soloist, Sax (Baritone), Saxophone
Craig Harris Trombone, Soloist, Arranger
Lawrence Butch Morris Arranger, Conductor
James Spaulding Flute, Soloist, Sax (Alto), Saxophone


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