3 March 2007


Heads up everybody - Curved Air is back with a bang after a 4 month hiatus.So get your arse over there a bit smartish as the latest post is Pharoah Sanders' "Pharoah" on India Navigation from 1976 which features the superb "Harvest Time".
Don't stop there because Actuel has been on the repost tip and you can grab some great music again from Heldon to Freddie Hubbard to Ash Ra Temple.
Welcome Back Curved Air !


Curved Air said...

thx for plug Bacaso! hey is El Reza Gary's blog?

chaamba said...

Good news ! And a Pharoah's album I don't know yet ; Thank you Curved Air & Bacoso !

howard said...

it looks like curved air is no more, once again. any chance someone here could re-up this one ... maybe to somewhere other than rapidshare, just to try something different.

this would be greatly appreciated!
i'm extremely curious about this record.

Curved Air said...

howard, the file is back up. all files have been refreshed. enjoy!

trane said...

Hi, first of all let me tell you how great your blog is, with this terrific idea of making mostly out of print lp’s available!
I also wanted to ask if you could upload this file

I don’t want to put any pressure, but I will be online till the 24th, and then again from the 4th of January onwards.

Thanks a lot
(my email: sparti@unisi.it)