4 March 2007


Cal Tjader on Fantasy from 1973 with a mixture of Soul,Pop,Classical and Jazz covers.
Yep,sounds pretty crappy but Cal just about pulls it off although some of it tests the patience(especially Ravel's Bolero).A lovely version of Gary McFarland's "Gary's Theme" and a nice drum percussion break down on"I Want You Back"are a couple of the highlights.
I guess this lp is one for the easy lovers but it's not without it's (dated)charm.Fuck it,I like it anyway so see what you think!!!
This actually made a cd reissue in Japan as part of the Free Soul Series -the vinyl is long deleted. I've taken this rip from the cd.


Groovin' Dan said...

Hey, Man - don't be ashamed to say you dig Cal's "smoother" moments. This is a really cool record...

bacoso said...

groovindan-"dont be ashamed of cal's smoother moments"...who, me,perish the thought!!!I posted the Prophet with a rave write up last year and that's the smoothest of the lot.No,it's just some of this lp is really BLAND!

Turk said...

FINALLY i've found a Cal Tjader album (without resorting to shit0rrent) Thanks - (i cant believe how hard its been... now where is the Prophecy?.... @_@

(its taken me 3 searches of 10mins each!! god dammit! hehe)

looking fwd to this... i heard 1 track of his and have been on the hunt since, i just needed some mellow... you'll see if you hear 1 track at my blog why...)

sexy said...