25 February 2007


Ramsone Knowling has re-upped my origina rip of this Sahib Shihab monster for your delectation after spotting a few requests for it in the comments boxes of this blog-Great work Ransome and thanks a lot.Two files-HERE & HERE.

Here's a real rarity and my number one desert island disc - it's this little beauty on German Vogue from Sahib Shihab.This also contains my favourite tune "Om Mani Padme Hum" penned by the wonderful Francy Boland.This double album has it all from frantic banging percussive workouts to modal numbers to beautiful ballads,all performed by Francy,Kenny Clarke,Jimmy Woode,Fats Sadi,Benny Bailey,Ake Persson and even Milt Jackson on vocal on one track.It's a staggeringly good piece of music and worth every penny of the HUGE price tag it commands.
Ripped @ 256 from vinyl-no reissue apart from the infamous late 80s bootleg which got pulped .


GIBSON L5 ( RAZ ) said...

wonderful !!!!!!!!!
thanks alot , it was just in time for me :-)
great jazz blog which inspired me alot and made me open mine !!!
heaven , i'm in heaven ....
peace and love

dgram said...

Thanks for the repost! I think I was among those who requested it. Or if I was not, it was only because the ridiculous overabundance of riches on your site has kept me too busy to do so.

Not to press my luck (since I read that you've already reposted it once), but any chance of a Latin Kaleidoscope repost? I'm loving the Clarke-Boland material, and your description of that disc is rather mouth-watering, to say the least.

In any case, thanks again for all the rare music. Your generosity is greatly appreciated!

thebeathunters said...

hi there
thanks for this gem:a real and exciting discovery! i really wasn't aware of francis boland genius or sahib's. word said that sahib played or composed the film score of john cassavete's shadows, in the good company of charlie mingus - any info about that?
nb: file 2 sent me twice an error message when decompression occured though file 1 is perfect
thanks for pharoahs' album too

jarochobosse said...

Hi! Very good, what you do!! :)
Nevertheless there's some confusion regarding "Companionship" and an album in the name of The Clarke-Boland Sextet called "Calypso Blues" aka "Music For Small Hours".
I prepared an info-file trying to sort things out(sorry, a bit long):

Sahib Shihab

Comments by jarochobosse
Nine tracks from "Companionship" are identic with tracks to be found on "Calypso Blues", recorded 1965 under the name of The Clarke-Boland Sextet. "Companionship" is published under the name of Sahib
Shihab, who beside the flute is also playing baritone on the other tracks of "Companionship".

I agree with Ken Dryden (see below) that the Calypso Blues album can be safely bypassed, but
Companionship adds some very good music indeed.

01 Om Mani Padme Hum
02 Bohemia After Dark
03 Companionship
04 Stoned Ghosts
05 Jay Jay
06 Dijdar
07 Con Alma from Calypso Blues
08 CT+CB
09 The Turk's Bolero
10 Talk Some Yak-Ee-Dak
11 Calypso Blues from Calypso Blues
12 Balafon from Calypso Blues
13 I'm a Fool to Want You
14 Insensatez from Calypso Blues
15 Invitation from Calypso Blues
16 Yah-Yah Blues
17 Serenata from Calypso Blues
18 Just Give Me Time from Calypso Blues
19 Born to be Blue from Calypso Blues
20 Sconsolato from Calypso Blues

This is the AMG credits for Calypso Blues:
Sahib Shihab Flute
Fats Sadi Vibes, Bongos
Francy Boland Piano, Arranger
Jimmy Woode Bass, Vocals
Kenny Clarke Drums
Joe Harris Percussion
And the album front of Companionship gives this list:
Sahib Shihab flute, sax
Benny Bailey trumpet
Åke Persson trombone
Milt Jackson vibes
Francy Boland piano
Jimmy Woode bass
Kenny Clarke drums


Calypso Blues
aka Music For Small Hours
Clarke-Boland Sextet

Review by Ken Dryden
The Kenny Clarke-Francy Boland Big Band was an exciting group, though infrequently recorded, but this
Kenny Clarke-Francy Boland Sextet date has a much different character. The percussion of Joe Harris,
the vibes and bongos of Fats Sadi, and Sahib Shihab's flute are the dominant instruments, providing the
calypso flavor that makes up most of the music in this 1965 studio session. Unfortunately, the persistent,
and often overly loud, percussion drowns out the piano and flute all too often, and there is a certain
sameness and predictability from one track to the next. The music ranges from Latin classics like "Tin
Tin Deo" and "Con Alma" to standards like "Invitation" that suffer from the excessive percussion. More
successful are the bongo-free tracks, especially those featuring bassist Jimmy Woode's fine vocals,
including "Lush Life" and "Born to Be Blue" (though the vocal on the latter is plagued with a distracting
echo). This rather uneven CD has some strong points, but unless one is a serious collector of the
recordings that Clarke and Boland made together, it can be safely bypassed.

Recording: Ubiquity Records Jun 16 - Sep 25 1965

Sahib Shihab Flute
Fats Sadi Vibes, Bongos
Francy Boland Piano, Arranger
Jimmy Woode Bass, Vocals
Kenny Clarke Drums
Joe Harris Percussion

1 Ebony Samba Bonfa 3:55
2 Tin Tin Deo Fuller, Pozo 2:53
3 Please Don't Leave Shihab 4:09
4 Lush Life Strayhorn 4:27
5 The Man from Potter's Crossing Woode 3:17
6 Wives and Lovers Bacharach 3:20
7 Ensadinado Woode 2:32
8 Lorraine Gillespie 3:52
9 Love Hungry Sels 3:42
10 Balafon Boland 3:05
11 Day by Day Cahn, Stordahl2:41
12 Calypso Blues Cole 4:06
13 Invitation Kaper 4:38
14 Insensatez Moraes, Jobim 2:41
15 Sereneta Anderson 3:23
16 Con Alma Gillespie 5:03
17 Just Give Me Time Boland, Woode 3:11
18 Born to Be Blue Torme 3:49
19 Lilemor Shihab, Woode 4:25
20 Sconsolato Woode 2:32


Another request:http://rapidshare.de/files/17474750/Kaleidoscope_of_Rainbows.rar.html
Thank you BACOSO!

cokelarock said...

thanx hercules for the re-upload. but the link doesn't work or maybe I'm doing anything wrong.

Thank you anyway.

bacoso said...

cokelarock-herculesfreeman is requesting that the post be reupped-the link the rapishare.de link in his comment is dead!Re-post on the way.

Richard said...

Bacoso, thank you for the great music that you provide and a BIG THANK YOU for using Mediafire instead of Rapidshare!
May you be inspired to continue to use Mediafire exclusively!

songorocosongo said...

excellent stuff, and i hate to piggy back on a repost that has just been posted, but i had never dared even comment to request one since i thought i remember reading that reposts were not an option around here.

i first had the opportunity to hear wilfredo stephenson's amazing "ensemble of salsa percussion" thanks to this great blog...unfortunately, the hard drive that housed this great album has since crashed and the link on this site to that album has also met its demise. i have looked among my friends and elsewhere to see if i can find another copy and have had no luck. so i ask humbly and will be eternally grateful if some charitable and sharing soul out there would be able to find the time to re-up this great piece of work for me and for all the others who may have missed it the first time around.

i give thanks in advance, and even if its not possible i want to thank bacoso for this wonderful site.

soup said...

the second rar file generated an error - twice. anyone with the same issue?

but what a great place to learn about the music here. thank you all.

thebeathunters said...

soup, same problem here... maybe a miracle will occur!

soup said...


finally worked it out.

try this, place both rar files together in the same location and expand (unzip) the first file. it should automatically unzip and combine both rar files into one folder for you - at least thats what it did for me.

seems like they can only be opened together in this case.

good luck!

thebeathunters said...

thanks soup,i may try this
btw, the first file holds 20 tracks-is there really more on the second?

bacoso said...

jarochobosse - your research is at fault Im afraid.The ubiquity releases you write about were complilations of a number of Clarke/Boland Sahib Shihab sessions and were prepared by Schema records of Italy and licenced to Ubiquity in the USA.They were released in 1998 about 30 years after Companionship was recorded.
beathunters-nope 20 tracks is the lot.
See my original Companionship post for more info about this album and its origins.

H. Michael Karshis said...

Howdy - NUMBER ONE DID! I goota have this - And sadly it seems there's still anissue with part 2- can't get it to download!

Thanks for all the hard work - great stuff!

H. Michael Karshis

il angelo said...

a revelation indeed! Thanks

dubmusic said...

I've been looking everywhere for this one!
Drop me a line if you want to sell your copy!

bacoso said...

dubmusic-leave your email address in the comments so i can contact you

dubmusic said...


Burning Blue Soul said...

Bacoso Sir, Is there any chance at all you would consider re-posting this? I would be most grateful. my last three attempts to purchase this at auction have failed. I need the music, and I would be in your debt. Thanks either way. TJ

Egan Ehlers said...

This was excellent. Thanks.

lasse said...

i apologise if this has been mentioned, but the tracks from "calypso blues" are identical to tracks on an album called "swing im bahnhof" by clarke - boland sextet, on german cbs. it is the same recordings and i actually thought it was a live recording.

bacoso said...

lasse-.You are correct -as I put in the comments box of my original posting of this lp companionship is in fact a compilation of a couple of lps which was put put together by vogue germany."Swing Im Banhof"is one of the lps that was used for the compilation.Well done sir-I posted this nearly 2 years ago and you are the first person to spot it!